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Day 5 (3/29/16)

Self love of the day was a lifting session!  I used dumbbells and kept it easy while still challenging myself. I wanted to work but not so much that I’m so sore tomorrow that I don’t want to do it again. Considering it was my first lifting session in a long time I think I did pretty well. 

The shoulder press went pretty well, no real complaints in that exercise. The floor chest press was great! I know that if I was using a barbell and an actual bench that I could lift more weight but hey I’ll take it. 

The tricep kickbacks were okay. They aren’t my favorite tricep exercise but I figured that I would at least give this program a try for a few weeks before changing it up. The bench squat was great! I didn’t use any weight since I wanted to focus on form but it went really well. 

The one bummer about working out in our apartment is that our weight set is limited. You can only really go up in 10lbs increments if you want the weight to be even and going up in 10lbs increments can be rough! So I experimented with uneven weights on the dumbbells. It wasn’t the best but hey! it got the job done right? It might be time to start going to the actual gym twice a week though just to get my hands on some proper weights. 
 Day 3 of working out in the books!

Another thing I loved today was getting my new shoes. I’ve been walking a lot at work during lunch when the weather is good and I’ve been walking in whatever shoes I wore to work that day. It’s proven hazardous to my feet. Blisters everywhere!! So I ended up looking for some shoes I could use for walking and lifting since the only athletic shoes I have are running shoes and they are not appropriate for lifting. I ended up ordering some New Balance Minimus off of a recommendation. I used them for lifting session today and by the middle of the workout my arches hurt a bit. I lossened the laces alittle and that seemed to help but the jury is still out on the shoes. We’ll see how they do during my walk tomorrow. Fingers crossed!

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