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Day 4 (3/28/16)

Holy cow! I woke up today and could barely move my back.  I’m guessing my unused muscles didn’t enjoy my crazy elliptical session yesterday.  Hello heat pads and ibuprofen! They certainly helped out during the day but not enough to make the soreness go away.  Normally the soreness would dissuade me from working out again today, but I know one of the ways to help soreness is to work the muscles again.  So I got home after work and headed down to the elliptical.  25 minutes of hills and a 5 minute backwards cool down equals 30 mins of losing up.

Day 2 of physical health and loving myself in the books!

I finally received a new pair of workout pants and a tank top I had ordered last week.  They had been delayed a few days, so I was happy they were delivered in time for my workout today.  I have to say, these workout pants from www.superfithero.com are the BOMB DOT COM! I heard about them from a Facebook group I belong too and while they are a bit expensive, they are seriously the best workout pants I have owned so far.  They have a nice high waistband (which you can fold down if you like)  and a slight compression feel.  I have never had a pair of workout pants where the waistband didn’t roll down at some point during the workout and these didn’t, so in my book these are worth every penny.  Tomorrow I’m going to try them out during a lifting workout, so I’ll let you know how they do on that front.

Another note on Superfit Hero, they test their products on athletes of ALL sizes, which is a message I really, really love and support.  As much as I want to lose weight to be healthier and feel better about myself, I also want to be able to love myself even if I never lose another pound.  So to help on that front, I’m trying to support people and products that promote loving yourself no matter what and block out all of the other “fitness industry” chatter.  If you’re in need of some awesome workout pants (capris or leggings) I highly recommend you check them out.  They are worth it!


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