100Days · Fitness · Health · Self Love

Day 3 (3/27/16)

Today was a good day. It ended up being a physical health self love kind of day. 30 mins on the elliptical plus a 5 minute cooldown (cooldown was done backwards). It ended up being over 2.5 miles which was nice. I was just hoping to get 2 miles in. 


It was my first time on an elliptical in years and I’m hoping to make it a more regular occurance throughout this 100 days process. 

I’m one of those people who never regrets a workout it just a takes a lot for me to get motivated to workout. So here is to staying motivated and kicking my ass!


Here I am in all of my red faced, sweaty glory. Since it might rain tomorrow I might not be able to get my walk in at work so there’s a strong possibility I’ll end up on the elliptical again. 


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