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Eating, Eating and More Eating

I always wish I could be one of those people who just view food as fuel.  That’s one quality I haven’t gotten from my Dad yet.  I still hoping that one day I’ll develop that quality.  Until then I’m suck working on all of my bad eating habits.

You know how some people eat because they just genuine enjoy food? That’s me! You know how some people are emotional eaters? Yup, me again.  You know how some people eat because they’re bored? Yup! I occasionally do that too.

I embody the trifecta of reasons to eat and it’s terrible.Visiting with my family and my mom makes her awesome risotto and short ribs? Skip the side salad, I’m filling up on all the deliciousness while I can get it! Bad day at work? I want a bowl of mac and cheese to comfort and soothe me and make all that crap go away.  Nothing to do on a Saturday? Let’s make some cookies and then eat five! (That’s totally healthy right? Not that I’ve done that recently, but I have in the past.)

Why am I suddenly confessing my terrible eating habits to you all? Because I had a crappy day a work and all I want to do is drown my sorrows in a bowl of homemade mac and cheese.  But then the guilt and anger that I ate it will set in and I’ll just be even more miserable since eating a bowl of mac and cheese certainly won’t help my ever-expanding waistline (Even after writing out that sentence I still want to the eat the all the mac and cheese in the world.)

Luckily for me, the husband is awesome and knowing me so well he said he would cook dinner, so as long as I can hold out until he comes home, I should stay mac and cheese free tonight.  One day at a time right?

Hi my name is M and I have an eating problem, as in I want to eat anything and everything all the time (Peppers are exempt from this statement. I hate pepper!). Do you? Maybe we can help each other out. . .


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