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First Week of Whole30

So I officially began a round of Whole30 on Jan 2.  (I did say that during this Whole30 I would allow myself some alcohol if I wanted it.  I have yet to have any but I won’t rule out a glass of wine or a small gin and tonic if they call my name.)

It’s been an interesting week between the poor meal planning (major error when do this) and the awesome cold I have developed at the end of the week. The first two days of my month were interesting since we hadn’t been food shopping since right around Christmas. We were pretty low on supplies and when I say low, I mean our refrigerate was empty minus some broccoli.  Luckily we had enough provisions to pull off the first two days.  Saturday we went food shopping and stocked the freezer, fridge and pantry. Meats, vegetable and coconut milk galore!

Day 1: Felt pretty good, no serious “withdrawal” symptoms.

Breakfast: Grapefruit

Lunch: Leftover London Broil, carrots and broccoli

Dinner: Seafood mix with tomatoes, sweet potato and green beans


Day 2: (Friday was the lovely snowstorm and the roads weren’t clear enough for me to get into work, so I ended up brunching instead of breakfast and lunch. I know 3 square meals are an important part of the Whole30 but I’m trying to only eat when I’m hungry.)

Brunch: Egg, sausage, tomato scramble

Dinner: London Broil, cauliflower, acorn squash


Day 3: (I woke up with a headache which can be pretty standard on day 3 or 4 of a Whole30. I was feeling lazy at lunchtime and there weren’t any leftover to eat so I tried a Larabar which in the future I should only be eating in emergencies when I don’t have any real foods available.)

Breakfast: Half a sausage and half of a grapefruit

Lunch: Carrot Cake Larabar, some macadamia nuts and cashews

Dinner: 2 meatballs and some more nuts

larabar prep


I did make about 50 chicken and pork meatballs on Sunday night.  I put about half in the refrigerator to use for breakfast for the upcoming work week and then I spilt the other half up into a few different Tupperware and stuck them in the freezer.  They’ll be great for a quick lunch if no leftovers are available or I can defrost multiple Tupperware and throw the meatballs in with some spaghetti squash and call it “Spaghetti and Meatballs” for dinner.

Day 4: (I brunched again. Not going to lie, I slept until 10am on both Saturday and Sunday, by the time I got up it was almost lunch time, hence the brunching.) 

Brunch: Egg, sausage tomato scramble

Dinner: Chicken and spicy sausage curry with sweet potato, broccoli and tomatoes

Day 5: (Work day = 3 square meals, hooray!!)

Breakfast: 4 chicken/pork meatballs

Lunch: Leftover curry, some baby carrots, some mixed nuts

Dinner: Shrimp on a bed of romaine and tomatoes with roasted sweet potato chunks


Day 6: (My stuffy nose from the previous few days, progressed into a full cold. Hello sore throat and leaky faucet that is my nose. Hello tea!)

Breakfast: 3 chicken/pork meatballs

Lunch: Leftover shrimp, baby carrots, half an apple and some mixed nuts

Dinner: Beef meatloaf, with roasted sweet potatoes and regular potatoes, salad with olive oil and balsamic vinegar (I didn’t want to waste the regular potatoes as I had bought them back in December before the Whole30 and they were getting a little soft)


Day 7: (I think I’ve gone through at least a box of tissues, just at work. I felt pretty run down even after a solid night of sleep due to my new friend NyQuil! I powered through the work day pretty well but when I came home I changed into comfy clothes and wrapped myself in blankets on the couch.  I didn’t move from there until it was time for bed.)

Breakfast: 3 chicken/pork meatballs

Lunch: Mussel appetizer, shrimp in wine sauce as my entrée (only shrimp, no pasta or veggies). I also had a RX Coconut Cacao bar when I got back to the office as I was still kinda hungry and wanted to try the bar, more on that later. (I went out to lunch with 3 co-workers as two of our sales reps were treating us as a thank you for all of our hard work over the past year. I was worried I might not be able to find anything but the shrimp in wine sauce seemed to be the best bet. I know, there was alcohol involved, but I said i would allow the occasional alcohol consumption during the month.)

Dinner: Pork ribs and sweet potato fries (Dinner was late so I had a hand full of cashews with a few macadamia nuts mixed in) 1507611_10103433486567279_1533390036_n

Thus that completes my first week of my Whole30.  Here’s to 23 more days, totally do-able. How has the first week of your Whole30 been? Or you first week of your new resolutions/goals?

3 thoughts on “First Week of Whole30

  1. This is awesome Maggie!!! Good work. I have to figure out what I’m doing wrong, I’ve gone off track because I’m finding myself insane with hunger all afternoon and evening for the last 3 days, despite snacking and lunch. Maybe I should give these lara bars a try.

    1. Thanks Sarah! Are you not getting enough protein in the morning/afternoon? Those 3 meatballs fill me up until around 1 which is my lunch time. Nuts help fill me up too, I just have to remember not to eat too many. The Larabars are pretty good, but not all of them are Whole30 compliant, so make sure to read the ingredients. The Rxbars on the other hand are all Whole30 compliant, so you don’t even have to worry about it.

      1. I’m not sure, I usually have 1 or 2 eggs with breakfast everyday, and try to have some chicken or red meat in my lunch. I am trying to re-evaluate as I really want to stick with Paleo. I just ordered some Rx Bars online, I hope those help.

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