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Celebrating and Salted Caramel Brownies

Thursday was an okay day.  Nothing special happened except me working my ass off.  Super fun times. I swear.

Day 55: Thursday Feb 28, 2013:
Breakfast: 3 eggs with hot sauce, small glass of almond milk
Lunch: Leftover chicken, baby carrots, strawberries
Dinner: Sparkys Lamb Burger – freshly ground lamb topped with crumbled bleu cheese, chipotle aioli, boston bibb lettuce, tomato and onion served on rustic bread with a side of homemade macaroni & cheese  plus some of Kevin’s french fries dipped in curry sauce, Magner’s cider (from The Kilkenny House) plus a salted caramel brownie


Thursday night we decided to go out for dinner to celebrate! Kevin got a promotion at work and we hadn’t had the chance to celebrate yet. Congrats Kevin! So we decided to go out to our one of our favorite places, an Irish pub, The Kilkenny House. Kevin had his favorite, the curry pie and I had my favorite the lamb burger.  So delicious! I even ate most of my onion which is saying something considering onions and I are still learning to like each other.  I did eat most of my mac and cheese although not all of it and I also left about 1/3 of my bun on the plate.  Unfortunately I did have a bunch of Kevin’s french fries dipped in the curry sauce. I swear it’s the sauce! It’s just soooo delicious! And of course to top off dinner I had a Magner’s, a must just about anytime I go to an Irish pub.

After dinner, it was time for some multi-tasking baking. On Friday at work, everyone in my department was bringing in something to help celebrate my co-worker who was retiring and Friday was her last day. So I baked up two batches of oatmeal raisin cookies (everyone seems to love them at work) and a batch of some salted caramel brownies since I’d wanted to try making them ever since I saw the recipe on SmittenKitchen. (Sidenote: If you haven’t ever heard of SmittenKitchen, please click the link above. It’s one of the best and one of my favorite food blogs ever! So click it, just do it! You know you want too!)

Before this recipe I had never made my own caramel before.  I knew it didn’t have many ingredients but I did not expect it to be so easy! If I was a huge caramel fan, I’d be making caramel everyday. It’s so easy and now that I know it’s so easy, I’ll definitely have to try and make the apple cider caramels that are on SmittenKitchen’s website.  Overall the brownie recipe was ridiculously easy and the flavor was delicious!! (Sidenote: I realized on Sunday night that I had forgotten to add the flour that the recipe called for into my Thursday night batch. I actually preferred it this way as the brownies ended up really moist and extra fudge-y! Super delicious!) I’m officially obsessed with these salted caramel brownies! I want them all the time!


Work on Friday was interesting.  I had a lot of work to do since it was the woman who I was replacing’s last day.   So while she was saying her goodbyes, I was busy doing the last of her work which was now my work plus everything I’d been normally doing.  Overall a fun, fun day insert sarcasm here _________. Another joy of Friday? I fell off the awesome food wagon. Ten potato chips with spinach dip and 2 salted caramel brownies later and I was having some serious food regrets.  The brownies were awesome, the chips = not worth it. Either way I was super bad!

Day 56: Friday March 1, 2013:
Breakfast: 3 eggs with hot sauce, small glass of almond milk
Lunch: Leftover chicken, a few baby carrots, a few strawberries, 10 potato chips dipped in spinach dip, 2 salted caramel brownies
Dinner: Buffalo spiced chicken drumsticks with sweet potato fries, chai tea latte with nonfat milk


Friday night Kevin and I were getting together with a friend, so I had to make dinner kinda quickly. So I baked some Buffalo spiced chicken drumsticks (butter, Frank’s Red Hot sauce and a few spices) and threw together some sweet potato fries.  The fries and chicken could share the oven so once they were cooking, I was done. Genius! Overall, dinner was pretty good and we finished a few minutes before our friend knocked on our door.  The rest of the night was drinking coffee/tea, watching the Avengers and lots and lots of talking.  It was really great to catch up and I had a fantastic time.  I might have also picked up my second bridesmaid. Hooray!


Our friend brought Kevin a little present to help him celebrate his good news. He just loves his Maker’s Mark!


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