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Homeward Bound: CT Flower Show

Saturday was a fantastic day! It’s safe to say I love waking up in CT, with my pup on my bed and my parents banging around downstairs.  It’s just comforting and I needed a little comfort after the shitty week I had.  Mom and I were up early to head out to the CT Flower Show in Hartford.  My mom, sister and I have all gone the past few years so we decided to keep up the tradition.  It’s always a nice place to be on a cold and rainy February Saturday.  It makes you think spring might be on it way. See below for a few of my favorite highlights!


I made my triumph return to Starbucks! Say hello to my little friend, the Trenta Black Tea Lemonade Unsweetened.  So yummy!!


Awesome display by Creative Contours.


One of my favorite water pieces.  So simple and calming.


The theme of the day was Love Blooms. I fell in love with Adam’s Watergardens heart in heather.


Check out this awesome love hate letter to all lawns. Loved the Connecticut Horticultural Society’s display.


Can this be my lawn? I guess first I’d need to have a lawn!


Hobbit Holes!! So cool! Again if I had a yard, I’d be tempted to put a Hobbit Hole in mine especially if it housed chickens. But think of all the possibilities? Guest house, kids playroom, studio, office, shed, the list goes on and on!

The show was awesome and none of us went home empty-handed.  I ended up buying an orchid (also has become a tradition of mine), and a rabbit’s foot fern and 2 African violets for my office. Mom ended up buying a scented geranium topiary. Em bought, well what didn’t she buy? She ended up with a lot of dahlia bulbs.  I think she is becoming the dahlia queen!

While at the show, we ended up taking a break and walking across the street to meet my brother and brother-in-law for lunch.  It was nice to see them and have a chance to catch up.  The food was pretty okay but it took forever for it to get to us.  I decided to have my burger without the bun, but I still managed to get some gluten through the beer.  Overall the beer really wasn’t worth it. It was good but nothing special.

Day 50: Saturday Feb 23, 2013:
Breakfast: 1.5 slices of Swiss cheese and liverwurst
Lunch: Salmon burger, lettuce, tomato, onion with avocado spread (sans bun) with buttered carrots, a few of my sister’s white cheddar french fries, City Steam Naughty Nurse beer


Dinner: Beef short ribs with bacon and carrots, risotto with parmesan cheese, salad with tomatoes and cucumbers and olive oil and balsamic vinegar dressing


Dinner was a delightful risotto and short ribs! So good damn it! I haven’t really missed rice or risotto that much and it’s not something I’m really going to make except for maybe a special occasion but damn did I enjoy that risotto! So delicious!

Sunday was a laid back day.  We had originally planned on going up to the Coventry Regional Farmer’s Market but unfortunately it was cancelled due to an impending snowstorm that ended up really being rain.  Sad face! So unfortunately I’m going to have to wait until a few months to stock up on my favorite market items.  Too bad to because I was going to do some serious damage. I wanted veggies, meat, cheese, even some honey and maple syrup.  So it is safe to say I was pretty darn sad about the market not happening.

Instead of the market, mom and I decided to visit two of our favorite shops in the area.  First we hit up Treasures, a great place to find that fun, funky, re-used furniture piece to finish your space.  They resell just about anything they can that is of higher quality, including furniture, china, rugs, clothes etc.  My mom and sister have both bought some great pieces there and I’ve bought a few little things like these bangles!


12 for $12! I can’t complain.  I’ve always had the hardest time finding quality bangles that I could get over my hands and finally it’s happened. Score one for me!

After Treasures, we headed over to The Bowerbird. One of my absolute favorite stores ever.  Their motto “Impulsive Necessities” is absolutely true! I just about never walk out of there without something I didn’t even knew that I needed.  Luckily this time around I did manage to walk out with nothing, except for a complimentary copy of Connecticut Brides magazine.  My mom on the other hand just couldn’t resist buying something.

After shopping I ended up just packing up the car and hitting the road back to NJ.  Kevin and I ended up making dinner together.  I covered the shrimp and the Kevin did the veggies.  Sweet team work!

Day 51: Sunday Feb 24, 2013: 
Brunch: Some leftover risotto and 1.5 slices of Swiss cheese with liverwurst
Dinner: Bang Bang shrimp, sweet potato fries and broccoli


Saturday was weight in day.  I’m happy to report as of Saturday I’m out of the 220s.  I weighted in at 219.4! Awesome! I can’t wait to see the scale get down to 210 and then 200 and back into the hundreds. I haven’t been in the hundreds since right after highschool and damn that was a few years ago.  But I’m getting ahead of myself. One step, one day, one meal and one pound at a time. But I will get there.

SW: 231
CW: 219.4
Total Weightloss: 11.6 pounds!

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