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Weekend Blizzard

Saturday was one of those amazingly, awesome-ly, lazy days.  The snow was falling and we had nowhere to go and nothing urgent to do.  I ended up reading an entire book through the day while Kevin got some quality video game time.  It was such a relaxing day that I only felt slightly guilty that I didn’t do anything except make some soup for dinner.

Funny story about Saturday night’s dinner.  Kevin and I both had tomato soup, but we ended up having different tomato soups.  I made my usual roasted tomato soup, found here and here. I love this recipe, so simple and delicious! You end up with a quality soup without spending hours in the kitchen, my kind of meal. Kevin on the other hand decided to make the tomato basil soup that we originally had here and you can find the recipe for here. That soup is absolutely delicious and Kevin certainly enjoys it more that the one I make apparently but it’s also a slightly more involved process. Kevin didn’t seem to mind though. He’s come to enjoy time in the kitchen.  Score for me!

Day 35: Saturday Feb 9, 2013:
Brunch: 3 eggs with hot sauce and guacamole
Dinner: Roasted tomato soup


Saturday night we ended up just relaxing and watching Taken 2. I thought it was a decent movie but I was glad it was on the shorter side.  It certainly was not nearly as awesome as Taken.  There definitely was not enough of Liam Neeson kicking ass! In fact I feel like he barely kicked ass in this movie. Overall I’m glad I didn’t pay $10 to see it but was happy to watch it in the comfort of my home.

Sunday was another pretty nice day.  We managed to get up earlier than we normally do on the weekends.  I seriously need to start setting an alarm on the weekends. I tend to sleep longer than I should.  We had previously agreed upon pancakes for breakfast to help us re-introduce gluten grains.  I ended up modifying the “recipe” that came on the back of the box of the Aunt Jemima Buttermilk pancake mix that we had.  Instead of milk, I used almond milk, I omitted the oil and just used one egg as suggested. To add some sweetness (since we didn’t want to use any syrup, hello high fructose corn syrup) I ended up added some vanilla extract, a sprinkle of cinnamon and a dash of cardamom.  I used a bit too much cardamom for Kevin’s taste but I thought they were delicious!! I look forward to using up the rest of the pancake mix that we have so I can mix up my own pancake mix (so there’s less crap in it).  I do also want to try the 2 ingredient pancake recipe I’ve seen bouncing around the internet lately.  Who knew eggs and bananas could supposedly make delicious “pancakes”? Intriguing, very intriguing.  That might be a recipe to try this weekend.

Day 36: Sunday Feb 10, 2013:
Breakfast:  4 Pancakes with cinnamon and cardamom and bacon


Snack: Carrots with guacamole
Dinner: Sushi – Spicy salmon, spicy shrimp with mango and the American Dream roll


For the rest of the day, we ended up cleaning the apartment and doing some laundry.  All very fun things adults get to do during the weekend.  Kevin ended up having to go into work for a few hours so I ended up getting some quality cleaning time with our floors.  It’s all very exciting, I swear.  By the time dinner rolled around, Kevin and I both didn’t feel like cooking at all.  So he ended up getting a stromboli and I ended up getting sushi.  Not very exciting but simple and delicious and I didn’t have to cook it.  Every once and awhile it’s nice to not have to cook or turn on the stove but I have to remember not to let it become a habit again; just an occasional treat.

Saturday was indeed weigh in day. Hooray for me! I managed to lose another pound! I’m not officially down 9 lbs and that’s just with a change in my diet and very little exercise. I’m working on getting back into the exercise habit I swear, definitely will be back on the horse by this weekend. I just have something to do almost every night this week after work.  So Saturday will definitely be my day to pick up the BodyRock/DailyHiit 30 Day Challenge again.  I also want to restart running.  I think I’m going to redo my 15 week Run Start program that I did a few years ago.  I would really like to run a 5K in under 40 mins this year which I know I can do if I buckle down and actually train for it.


SW: 231
CW: 222
Total Weight Loss: 9 lbs



2 thoughts on “Weekend Blizzard

  1. Mags—-I think on of my favorite things I am hearing from your blog it that you are slowly getting though some of your processed food and ready to make home made stuff once it is gone. You know, JL and I eat very differently. He loves his Aunt Jermimah! I make veggie burgers, soups, whole grain pancakes etc and freeze them……that way I am not always making 2 complete meals. Nice that Kevin is on board with your new eating habits! I need to learn more about the gluten free end of things, but I have tons of great recipes that I can share with you. Don’t give up the on exercise… is the last piece of the puzzle. I think starting your runstart program over with the BodyRock will be a great mix. Keep at it! Miss you in CT! xxoo Chris

    1. Thanks Chris! If I’ve learned anything, it’s a constant process. Everyday is a choice and sometimes I choose wrong and sometimes I get it right. If you have any awesome recipes please send them my way! I’m always looking for new and exciting things to eat. I’m not giving up on the exercise, just trying to fit that piece into my life that seems to have become a puzzle. lol. Miss you too! I’ll be home this weekend. I’ll try and stop by if I can.

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