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Re-Introduction and Back to the Basics

So Monday was our first day re-introducing foods that we had removed for the past 30 days.  We had decided before our Whole30 ended that we wanted to have sushi for our first non Whole30 dinner.  So the first non Whole30 food item we decided to re-introduce was non-gluten grains.  Generally when re-introducing a food item, it’s recommended to have a bit of the item at each meal.  I honestly didn’t miss rice and other non-gluten grains too much so I had no desire to have any of them in my first two meals on the day.  So the only non-gluten grain that I ended up adding back into my diet yesterday was the white rice in my sushi.  Considering I didn’t eat an entire sushi buffet, the amount of rice I actually ended up consuming wasn’t huge.

I will admit the sushi was awesome! I did miss it a lot,  and I mean a lot! So I thoroughly enjoyed my dinner.  I happened to enjoy my usual spicy salmon roll (in the middle, and 6 were Kevin’s), the American roll (top) and a spicy shrimp mango roll (bottom).  I hadn’t had the spicy shrimp mango before but it was pretty good so I didn’t regret trying it.  It might even get tossed into the regular rotation.

Kevin and I also ended up having some dessert on Monday, homemade vanilla cupcakes with raspberry buttercream that my mom had made over the weekend. We had brought them back over the weekend and kept them in the refrigerator so they would keep.  They were pretty good but not nearly as good as I was anticipating.  Don’t you hate it when that happens? You think about something for the longest time, about how great it will be and then when you finally get it/have it it’s not nearly what you thought it would be? That was this cupcake for me.  So technically we ended up re-introducing more that non-gluten grains last night. There was a bit of gluten grains and dairy in there too.  That could be a problem but I guess we’ll see.

Day 31: Tuesday Feb 5, 2013:
Breakfast: A piece of turkey meatloaf
Lunch: Turkey and beef meatloaf, baby carrots, strawberries, a few almonds
Dinner: Sushi! – white rice included


Dessert: Vanilla cupcake with homemade raspberry buttercream


So while re-introducing food items you’re only suppose to add in one group on one day and then for a few days after eat like you normally would on the Whole30 so you can evaluate how that one food group effected you.  One day after enjoying the white rice that was part of my sushi (and a cupcake, re-introducing only one group fail) I’m happy to report I still feel pretty damn good.  I didn’t notice any difference in my energy levels and I slept well last night. I also have no visible breakouts on my skin.  It’s possible I might feel some effects tomorrow but I guess only time will tell.  Hopefully I’ll feel fine and I kinda of  expect that I will because I don’t think I ate enough of anything to really have any serious side effects. But honestly I’m perfectly happy with that.  I have no desire to feel awful due to things that I eat anymore.

Speaking of things that would probably make me feel awful; my co-worker brought in delicious looking brownies today at work.  You know the moist, dense kind with the extra chocolate chips mixed in? Yeah those were the kind she brought in.  They were pretty hard to resist at first, especially when the top was off the Tupperware and I would get a sniff of their deliciousness every time I used the printer.  Luckily someone was nice enough to close the Tupperware, thus blocking the delightful smell.  Once the smell was no longer lingering in my snout I almost forgot that there were brownies available. I’m not going to lie, my brain sugar dragon  kept telling me that I wanted one even though my stomach didn’t need it.  So my sugar dragon isn’t quite slayed yet but there is hope that one day it will be. I just have to take it one day at a time.

Day 32: Wednesday Feb 6, 2013:
Breakfast: Half a piece of beef meatloaf
Lunch: Turkey and beef meatloaf, baby carrots, applesauce
Dinner: Sweet and spicy pork chop with cardamom spiced apples, garlic roasted broccoli, sweet potato fries


Kevin made this yummy dinner.  We haven’t had pork chops in a while so that was a nice change.  I could eat sweet potatoes and broccoli just about everyday so they were yummy too! He even went to the grocery store and picked up the groceries for this week today. He was a busy boy today.  I swear, he’s a keeper!

Tomorrow is also going to be a normal Whole30 day.  I’m thinking we might re-introduce another food group on Friday or Saturday, hell maybe Sunday. Who knows? I do know that I’m excited to make curry for dinner tomorrow night! I really, really love curries and don’t understand why I wasn’t making them regularly up until 30 days ago. Talk about missing out! Well no more! Curries will forever be on my regular  rotation for meals.

What food group were you looking forward to re-introducing the most after your Whole30?

Did you have any adverse reactions? 

What is your weakness? Sweets? Alcohol? Bread? 


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