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The End Has Only Begun . . .

Sunday brought about the end of our weekend in CT. Before Kevin and I headed up home we grabbed a quick brunch and played some more Ubi with Mommy.  After my last load of laundry was done, it really was time for us to head back to NJ.  So away we went! Luckily there was minimal traffic and we made it back to the apt with plenty of time to spare before the Superbowl! I ended up passing out on the couch, something about being a passenger during car rides just makes me so sleepy, while Kevin made us a feast to enjoy! I felt bad I didn’t help but he didn’t seem too cranky with me about it.

Day 29: Sunday Feb 3, 2013:
Brunch: 3 eggs with guacamole


Snack: A few almonds
Dinner: Sweet potato chips with guacamole, deconstructed pizza (w/ sweet sausage, broccoli, tomatoes, spinach and garlic), 3 different types of dry rub chicken drumsticks – (Old Bay, Chipotle, Chili Lime)


Kevin rocked everything he made! The deconstructed pizza was delicious just like last time. He made fresh sweet potatoes to go with our leftover guacamole which was still delicious. He also really wanted chicken drumsticks, so he ended up making them with 3 different dry rubs! The chili lime was probably my favorite out of the three, sweet with a little spice. The chipotle was also delicious but had some serious kick. Definitely needed some water with those.  I also like Old Bay seasoning so those were pretty good but as Kevin said, nothing really special.  Overall Kevin’s feast kicked ass and was the perfect way to watch the Superbowl this year.

Monday it was back to the daily grind. Nothing special.  I did manage to get home by 5:30 which is always exciting.  I had volunteered to cook even though it was technically Kev’s night, good thing I did too, he was stuck late at work saving someone! Crazy right? Anyway I decided to make another batch of Maggie’s Mini Meatloafs! This time I ended up making two different kinds, a turkey one with Indian spices and a beef one with Italian spices.  Overall I ended up liking both but I really enjoyed the turkey one! I’ll have to make that one again sometime soon.  Not only did I want to try two at the same time, I figured they would make some great leftovers and a good option for lunch. After dinner we ended up just hanging out and catching up on things that we didn’t get to do this weekend.


Day 30: Monday Feb 4, 2013:
Breakfast: 2 eggs with guacamole
Lunch: 3 leftover chicken drumsticks, baby carrots, guacamole, strawberries, some almonds
Dinner: “Indian” Turkey meatloaf, “Italian” beef meatloaf, roasted asparagus with olive oil, salt and pepper


At the end of Monday, my Whole30 was officially complete.  I must say I’ve become a really big fan.  Throughout the past 30 days, my energy levels increased, I slept better, my skin (the areas not currently scarred) has started to clear up a little and breakouts are getting farther and farther apart.

I also managed to lose 8 pounds.  I’m not going to lie, I was hoping to lose more, but I’m certainly not discouraged at all considering I’ve lost that weight with very little exercise added into my routine.  I would like to start adding exercise back in, maybe I’ll even pick up the BodyRock 30 Day Challenge again tomorrow.  But I also really want to get back in running and possibly back into the pool.  I definitely need to get under a bar bell. I really wish I could afford to join a Crossfit box especially since I have one 200 feet out my back door, but I honestly can’t afford the added cost of that gym membership quite yet, maybe by the summer? Until then I’m going to have to start focusing on what I can do about my fitness now which is body weight exercises, running when I can and maybe getting to the YMCA when I can.

With the end of my Whole30, I’m suppose to start re-introducing foods we had taken out for 30 days, like dairy, gluten grains, non-gluten grains and legumes.  I’ll admit, I’m a little scared to re-introduce these items into my system.  I’m afraid of what it might lead too or how they might make me feel.  I guess I won’t know until I try. I’ve come to the realization that I don’t really miss the things that were taken out of my diet too much.  I occasionally missed sweets like a cookie or slice of cake.  I did also miss Chai Tea Lattes with non-fat milk from Starbucks.  I tried desperately to find a coffee shop around me that carried almond milk but apparently none of them do.  So I will look forward to a Chai Latte every once in a while I think.  I did also miss alcohol every once and awhile.  I’m not a big drinker in the first place but it was also a nice option now and then. I didn’t miss cheese that much but I think going forward I’d certainly enjoy a slice of good cheese every once and awhile (none of that American cheese crap though).  I’m thinking that as I progress, I’m pretty much going to try to stick to the Whole30 rules with some exceptions every once and while. But any future enjoyment of non Whole30 food items is based on how I react to them over the next few days.  So make sure you stay tuned!


My favorite picture from this weekend with my 2 favorite boys! Aren’t they cute?


Who were you rooting for in the Superbowl?
I’m glad the Ravens won, they happen to be my second favorite team.


What benefits have you seen through doing the Whole30? 


2 thoughts on “The End Has Only Begun . . .

  1. Big congratulatioins on sticking this out! Make sure when/if you reintroduce, you do one thing at a time so you can figure out if you have an issue with anything. I probably have continued to eat Paleo/Whole 30 about 75-80% of the time. It really taught me that I did not need as many carbohydrates from pasta/rice/grains/breads as I thought I did! I think of those things more like a treat now, rather than as something I have to have.

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