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The Final Countdown!

So Friday was a pretty standard day at work.  It was just what was standing between me and heading up to CT for the weekend.  Once Kevin and I both got home, we packed up and then decided to walk over to the local coffee shop and get a quick dinner before getting on the road. We both got salads and mine was pretty okay.  Nothing special for $9 but it certainly hit the spot.  Another plus was that we killed enough time that we ended up not hitting any traffic on our way up to CT.  Score one for us!

It’s always nice to go home.  Finny is always so excited to see me! Plus Kevin came this time and Finny loves it when he visits too! It’s always nice to see my parents and catch up, plus they let me bring home laundry. Double score! After we arrived in CT on Friday night, we ended up just hanging out and talking with the rents until heading to bed.

Day 27: Friday Feb 1, 2013:
Breakfast: 3 eggs with hot sauce
Lunch: Bone broth, applesauce, baby carrots, almonds
Dinner: California Super salad – Bacon, avocado and tomato over greens


Saturday was a pretty awesome day.  We were up pretty early and got to hang out with the pup and rents again. My sister Em and her two crazy dogs stopped by for lunch and hung out for a bit afterwards.  Kevin and I then got busy making sweet potato chips and guacamole for the Soup-er Bowl party we were going to later that night.  Kevin handled the guacamole and I handled the chips.  I think I did a pretty good job, especially in slicing them pretty thinly but some of my timing was a little off.  There were a few crispy ones in the batch but overall not terrible.  I also ended up helping my mom frost a bunch of cupcakes which was nice.  I miss baking in general.  It’s something I really like to do and not something I’ve had the chance to do since before Christmas.  I knew that if I baked something while doing the Whole30 I’d probably end up ending whatever I baked and derail all of my progress.  So it was nice to get back behind the piping bag.  I also may have brought 2 or 3 cupcakes home at the end of the weekend so I can have one on Tuesday after my Whole30 is up.

After all of our cooking was done Mom, Kevin and I decided to kill sometime and pull out a game I’d had always seen in our cabinets but had never played.  And that is how Ubi has become one of our new favorite games.  It’s a trivia/geography game and can be pretty hilarious mainly because it dates from 1986.  So not only is the trivia dated but the map of the world includes countries that haven’t been countries since 1990. ubi

After Ubi we headed off to the Soup-er Bowl at my place of former employment.  It’s a somewhat annual tradition that my boss started a few years ago where she has all of her friends over for a soup night the day or weekend before the Super Bowl.  Get it Soup-er Bowl/Super Bowl? Hahaha. My old boss has some corny humor but I miss it.  Normally this night would be a pitfall for anyone who is trying to be Whole30 compliant.  But Kevin and I brought the sweet potato chips and guacamole.  Score 1 for us! Someone else brought veggies and shrimp. Score 2 and 3! There must have been at least 6-8 different types of soup; turkey chili, clam chowder, beef stew, carrot, ginger butternut squash, pea and tomato basil (I think I’m missing some). I was planning on having the clam chowder because she makes a mean clam chowder but I forgot that it had cream in it. So instead Kevin and I had the tomato-basil and Kevin, the self-proclaimed “I hate soup” guy, actually liked it! He even got a copy of the recipe!! Who knew? All the deserts looked sugary, yummy and fantastic but instead I munched on a few salted almonds and strawberries. And you know what? It was okay.  I didn’t need the sugary stuff and I was okay that I didn’t have any of it. Besides the food being great, the company was really fantastic. I miss all of my co-workers and friends so it was great to see them and catch up.  It’s been too long.

Day 28: Saturday Feb 2, 2013: 
Breakfast: 3 eggs with hot sauce
Lunch: Cobb salad – Chicken, bacon, grape tomatoes, cucumbers, avocado, hard-boiled egg over chopped lettuce
Dinner: Sweet potato chips with guacamole, shrimp, tomato-basil soup


So Saturday was the official end of week 4, and you might be wondering if I weighted in? And I was answer, hells yes I did! And I weighted in on a scale that I think is more accurate than the one in our apt (that one is on a slightly uneven floor, meaning I’m not getting the most accurate reading). So what was the magic number you ask? 223 baby! That means in 28 days, I’m down 8 pounds.  Not to shabby.

SW: 231
CW: 223
Total Weight Loss: 8 lbs

What did you do this weekend? 

What’s your favorite kind of soup? 


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