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UWYH – Use What You Have

Hooray! I think I might finally be kicking this cold and just in time for me to start kicking my ass tomorrow with the new BodyRock/DailyHiit challenge! Double hooray! I’m excited to start the new challenge but also preparing myself to be kind of disappointed in my performance. I guess I’m kind of scared to see how much of my fitness I have lost over the past few months, which I’m pretty sure is all of it.  Major bummer.  I was doing so well during August and September and then the life happened. Vacation, engagement, new job, new apartment, new state, new life; and during all of that, no workouts were done. So I’m ready to struggle through the fit test tomorrow and be ridiculously sore on Friday.  But I will make it through the fit test and I will work through the soreness and be better for it. Anyone else feel like joining me? It’s 30 days, lets make some changes!

Day 18: Wednesday Jan 23, 2013
Breakfast: 3 eggs with hot sauce
Lunch: Leftover chicken, leftover Asian slaw, homemade applesauce, pomegranate seeds
Dinner: “UWYH – Use What You Have” salad – Bed of spinach, leftover chicken, beef strips, carrots, broccoli, tomatoes, avocados, pomegranate seeds


Kevin made this deliciously, yummy salad tonight! The beauty of it was that it was a use what you have salad.  Everything in it were things we had in the frig except for the beef strips, which Kevin seasoned and cooked.  It was a hodge-podge of deliciousness! Never be afraid to use what you have!

Have I told you how much I love slow cookers lately? Because I really, really love them! I think Kevin might be jealous. In half an hour, I prepped my beef stew for dinner tomorrow and it is currently just hanging out in the refrigerator waiting for me to turn it on before I leave for work tomorrow morning.  I only hope it’s as yummy as it was easy! I’ll make sure to let you all know tomorrow.


What is your favorite slow-cooker meal?
So far I’ve loved everything. The pulled pork and the applesauce!



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