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Just Call Me Snuffleupagus


(Yes, this is how I’ve felt and probably sounded the last 2 days. And yes, Snuffy was my favorite Sesame Street character!)

Monday went over pretty well.  I woke with a cold still and a very runny nose.  I swear they were calling me Sniffles by the end of the day at work.  Other than the constant sniffling and blowing of my nose, I felt pretty good all day.  Every once in a while I had to pause and think about what I was trying to do but I have a feeling that had more to do with work than my cold.  Have you ever had a day at the office where you knew exactly what you wanted and needed to get done and you weren’t able to get any of if done? That was my day on Monday.  Everyone just kept loading me with work and I wasn’t able to do anything I needed to get done because I was too busy putting out fires.  Sometimes I feel like that’s all I do at work.  Like I’m drowning and just when I start to tread water, someone throws me another 5 lb brick to hold onto so I end of sinking just a little more.  They seriously need to hire some more people.  But that will never happen.  Sigh. Okay, okay, enough silly work stuff.

Day 16: Monday, Jan 21, 2013
Breakfast: 3 eggs with hot sauce
Lunch: Chicken and sausage curry with sweet potatoes, broccoli and carrots, homemade applesauce and a few almonds
Dinner: Slow cooker pulled pork and Asian slaw


Lunch was pretty damn delicious although this batch of curry wasn’t as good as my first.  I think it’s because I didn’t add in the same amount of curry paste as I did the first time.  I ended up just finishing up the first curry paste packet so it was only about 2 tablespoons or even less. My first batch had 3 tablespoons. I throughly enjoyed my homemade applesauce. It was absolutely yummy and was a nice change of pace.  I’m thinking applesauce might become a staple in our household, at least for me.

Kevin made dinner and it was fabulous! I was kind of leery about the Asian slaw just because I’m not too acquainted with red cabbage. But man, have I been missing out! It was absolutely delicious.  The spice of the pulled pork was balanced nicely by the hint of sweetness in the slaw. Yummy, yummy, yummy!

One thing I have noticed throughout this is that Kevin has made the more adventurous meals.  So  I’ve decided I need to start making some more adventurous meals and have assigned myself some homework for the next few days; try to find some recipes!  Wish me luck!

Day 17: Tuesday Jan 22, 2013
Breakfast: 3 eggs with hot sauce
Lunch: Chicken and sausage curry with sweet potatoes, carrots and broccoli, homemade applesauce
Dinner: “Deconstructed” burger (ground beef, topping with lettuce, tomato and avocado) and
sweet potato fries with chipotle mayo


This dinner was ridiculously easy and not at all challenging (it really is time for me to step up my game!) It was just cooked ground beef on a bed of chopped lettuce, topped with tomatoes and avocados plus some kick ass sweet potato fries on the side. Easy but yummy, I would definitely make this again especially if I was in a pinch for time.

Today was another fun day at work but I’ll spare you another work-related rant. Luckily I generally felt okay today in terms of my cold although I don’t think I’ve ever sneezed this much in one day. I think people were getting tired of saying “Bless you” so I eventually told them not to bother.

One good thing that came out of today, I decided to officially start the new BodyRock/Dailyhitt 30 day challenge on Thursday the 24.  You’re probably saying why the 24th? Why not start it now if you’re serious about it? Well the challenge technically started on Thursday the 10th, so I figured for continuity that I would start on a Thursday too. Plus I’m hoping I will have finally kicked this cold by Thursday.  I’ve even lined up a friend at work to do the challenge with me so I’ll have someone to talk smack to the next day.  I’m thinking about seeing if anyone else wants to join in my challenge but we’ll see.  I’ve previously done a 30 day challenge with BodyRock and loved it so I’m hoping I feel the same about this new one.

Who was your favorite Sesame Street character?

Do you BodyRock or do the DailyHiit? 


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