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Day 15: Half Way There!


This picture pretty much sums up my Sunday.  I ran through my only box of tissues. Luckily Kevin is a nice person and volunteered to go out and get me some more. So he ended up coming back with two boxes of the ones with aloe! The aloe ones are so much nicer to your snout! A red, raw snout after a cold is over is the worst, so hopefully these help with that problem.

I spent most of the day Sunday in the kitchen.  I prepped beef chunks for my planned beef stew on Thursday, de-skinned and de-boned chicken thighs I had bought during the week and made another batch of curry for lunches this week.  After all that I even made dinner.  A whole roasted chicken with olive oil and salt and pepper, some roasted zucchini and spinach salad.  I kept it simple as I had already spent most of the day in the kitchen and was getting tired.  Stupid cold! It’s starting to kick my ass.  I must say that throughout the weekend, even with cold, I still had a decent amount of energy.

Day 15: Sunday Jan 20, 2013
Brunch: 2 eggs with hot sauce and some homemade applesauce


Lunch: Didn’t really have a “lunch” but I snacked a little on some of the curry I was making for lunches this week
Dinner: Chicken with chipotle mayo, roasted zucchini and spinach salad with carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes with olive oil and balsamic vinegar dressing


Did I really just type Day 15 up there? It’s gone by so fast! If I was keeping track of my days here, I probably wouldn’t even notice that we’re now halfway through the program.  It really hasn’t been as hard as I originally thought it would be. In fact I haven’t really considered it hard at all. I have noticed a few things after my first 15 days though.

1. Vary your drinks. I’m not a coffee drinker, so I drink mostly water and tea.  I’ve now developed a taste for seltzer which I never had before.  No I don’t miss soda. Yes I miss alcohol slightly.

2. Vary your vegetables. Seriously! I love sweet potatoes, carrots and broccoli, but I need to expand my vegetable horizons.  Variety is the key! Otherwise you become bored and bored leads to some bad eating.

3. Breakfast is important!! I was always a fan of breakfast, but for all you people how aren’t, it is time to start!

4. Planning is key! I know I’ve said this before but I’m going to say it again. Plan your meals! For the whole week! Do it!

5. Use your resources, like slow cookers and make more that one 1 portion so you have leftovers for breakfast/lunches.

The overall theme of this program is variety. The more, the better!


What’s your favorite “unusual” vegetable dish? 


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