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Snacks and Sniffles

Thursday was okay I guess. Generally I felt fine although I felt like I was coming down with a cold. Bummer. Sore throat and a stuffy nose were developing. My eyes were kinda tired and itchy/scratchy. Overall I was pretty cranky at work and felt like I was in a fog.  Given all that I wasn’t particularly hungry for lunch, so I’m glad the majority of it was a large helping of bone broth.  It hit the spot.


Day 12: Thursday, Jan 17, 2013
Breakfast: 3 eggs with hot sauce
Lunch: Bowl of bone broth, baby carrots and mixed nuts (walnuts and almonds)
Dinner: Chicken thighs with salt and pepper, topped with Dreamy Avocado dressing, topped with chopped tomatoes and cilantro, sweet potato fries with chipotle “mayo” (The mayo was homemade delicious-ness. Eggs, lemon juice, light olive oil, dry mustard, salt = homemade yummy!)


I was in charge of the above dinner and I promise there were 3 chicken thighs under that pile of avocado dressing, tomatoes and cilantro.  It was probably one of my favorite meals that I’ve cooked during the Whole30 (that and the curry).  I kept the chicken simple by salt and peppering it and then cooking it in coconut oil. I made my own olive oil mayonnaise because I needed it to make the Dreamy Avocado dressing that I want to use on the chicken. Making my own mayo was surprisely easy, as was creating the avocado dressing. For the avocado dressing, I just tossed in an avocado with some of the olive oil mayo plus some cilantro, garlic and lemon juice (the recipe called for lime juice but all I had was lemon) and then just mixed it all together in the blender.  Talk about delicious!

Once the chicken was cooked, to serve it I just layered it the avocado dressing, some chopped tomatoes and some leftover chopped cilantro.  Yummy! To finish off the meal, I made some sweet potato fries and mixed up some chipotle mayonnaise using the olive oil mayo I had made.  Overall super yummy!

Friday I woke up with a stuffy nose and sore throat.  In the beginning of the work day, I thought I was going to leave a few hours early since I wasn’t feeling well but as the day went on I began to feel better. My nose wasn’t nearly as stuffy and the soreness in my throat lessened.  I also seemed to gain more energy as the day went on.  So I didn’t end up leaving work early (bummer) and actually ended up staying late (major bummer). The one good thing that came out of staying a bit later was seeing one of my new salesrep in the office.  He apparently appreciates all of my hard worker so much he brought me a present! Enter a bottle of Bacardi Limon.  I’m looking forward to checking it out once my 30 days are up.  I do enjoy citrus rum, so I hope that it’s good. We’ll just have to wait and see!

Day 13: Friday, Jan 18, 2013
Breakfast: 2 eggs with hot sauce
Lunch: Leftover chicken thighs with dreamy avocado dressing and tomatoes, baby carrots, mixed nuts
Dinner: Spicy sausage with apples and cardamom, flounder with guacamole and horseradish green beans
Snack: Sweet potato chips and leftover guacamole


Kevin was in charge of dinner Friday night.  He had started out with a few different ideas, sausage stuffed flounder and caramelized apples filled with guacamole, but they didn’t work out as he had originally planned.  Everything on the plate was still pretty good though.  We both really liked the spicy sausage with chopped apples and cardamom. A great combo of sweet and spicy!

After dinner, Kevin was in the mood for a snack and didn’t want to pack up the guacamole since it tends to brown after being exposed to the air for a long period of time, so he decided to make some sweet potato chips. Now those were absolutely delicious!!


We might have to invest in a mandolin so we can make these more uniformly thin and crispy. After dinner and our snack, we just hung out and went to bed early since my cold finally caught up with me and I felt like blah.

What’s your favorite snack? 

What’s your best cold remedy? 


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