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Start of Week 2: Let’s Do This!

Man, do I miss waking up to this pup. I mean who wouldn’t? He’s adorable!! Sunday morning, Finn and I enjoyed one last morning of cuddling before I headed home.  I always have a hard time leaving CT and he’s certainly one of the reasons.  It’s hard to go from seeing someone everyday to seeing them once a month, if your lucky.  He really was my constant companion when I was living in CT. Whenever I wasn’t working, we were hanging out all day and even when I was working I still saw him everyday.  So I miss him and I’m pretty sure he misses me too.


Besides hanging out with Finn, Sunday morning and early afternoon was spent washing the last of my laundry and waiting for my dad to fix up Karma the Kar. Once Karma got fixed I had to get back on the road to NJ.  I made it back to the apt in decent time and without any chores to do since Kevin (formerly known as boyfriend who is now actually fiancé but that’s another story) had done all them. He even volunteered to make dinner! I guess he missed me or something?

I did manage to make something for dessert though.  My sister had told me about slow-cooker apples which helped with her sweet tooth so I thought I’d give it a whirl.  I haven’t had any crazy sweet cravings even though I do miss sweets, so I though this might be a good change of pace.   To start I cored and sliced up 4 Braeburn apples (I left the skins on and you can use any apple you like), added 1/4 cup water, 1 tsp cinnamon and 1 tsp cardamom and added them into in the slow cooker. I then give them a nice stir to mix them all up and set the slow cooker on low for 3 hours.  Three hours ended up being just a tad too long for what I was looking for.  I was hoping to still have a bit of crunch left in my slices and these ended up being pretty tender. Still delicious though! Since they were a bit more tender than I was hoping for I left the rest of the apples in the cooker on low over night to make them softer so I could turn them into applesauce.  That turned out pretty well but next time I want to make applesauce I’ll make sure to do it when I can monitor the slow-cooker. I really liked applesauce but next time I would peel the apples because the skins don’t mash-up as nicely like the rest of the apple.

Day 8: Sunday, Jan 13, 2013
Brunch: 3 leftover pieces of maple pork and 2 eggs


Dinner: Sweet potato hash with ground turkey, carrots, apple, tomato and avocado and a fried egg


Dessert: Slow cooked apples with cinnamon and cardamom


Monday was pretty normal.  Up early, work late, home, dinner, hanging out. I did finally make some time yesterday after work to try and tackle, read as clean/organize, our 2nd “bedroom” which was exciting!  We were lucky enough to move into a two bedroom apt but we’ve been unable to use the 2nd bedroom for the purpose we’d be hoping which would ultimately be as an office/guest room/music room/craft room.  The room really just became the room where the boxes we want to forget about go to die (or just be ignored). At this point we can’t really afford to furnish the room the way we would like, with a pull out sofa and nice desk/storage area. So when I was back in CT during the weekend, I finally got around to grabbing my drafting table and brought it back with me.  So when I got home after work, I moved around some boxes, condensed some boxes down and threw out some things which made it possible for me to set up my drafting table which we can now use temporary as a desk. Hooray!! There is still some work to be done in that room but at least now I can walk by it without cringing.  Double hooray!!

It is worth noting that normally that is not something I would have the energy to do at the end of a work day.  Normally I would come home, crash on the couch and not move until I went to bed.  Talk about lazy right? I think it was a combo though. It wasn’t just pure laziness, I simply just didn’t have the energy to do anything.  I was completely spent at 4 o’clock and that sucks. Why does anyone want to feel like that? All I know is that I don’t want that anymore.  I want all the energy I can get so I’m able to do anything I want.

Day 9: Monday, Jan 14, 2013
Breakfast: 3 eggs with hot sauce
Lunch: Cup of Bone broth, some leftover sweet potato/turkey hash, leftover homemade apple sauce, baby carrots and some mixed nuts (and no I didn’t end all the carrots and nuts in the picture)


Dinner: Carrot and zucchini “pasta” with garlic shrimp, tomato and spinach



What do you miss most about your parents/family/home?

What’s your go-to healthy “dessert”?  


2 thoughts on “Start of Week 2: Let’s Do This!

  1. Your guy made you dinner?? He’s definitely a keeper! I’m too indecisive to pick one single favorite healthy “dessert,” but I do love fruit pies and crumbles (mainly for the fruit filling!), frozen yogurt, and dark chocolate. (It’s practically a vegetable in my book!)

  2. Yeah we’ve worked out a schedule on who cooks dinner what day. It works out pretty well so far. And yes, he is definitely a keeper, especially since he can cook pretty well. 🙂 I also love fruit pies! So delicious! But right now the homemade applesauce is hitting the spot.

    Thanks for stopping by!

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