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Day 7 and the End of Week 1!

Saturday brought about the end of the first week of my Whole30 experience.  The first week wasn’t nearly as hard as I thought it would be and in general I’m not finding this very hard at all. While we might miss the convenience of making a sandwich for lunch (not that I really did that in the first place) that’s about all we miss. The convenience of making a sandwich or boiling a pot of pasta.  This plan is easy enough, you just have to plan ahead in your food choices.

While Saturday brought about the end of my first week it also brought my most challenging day.  It started out easy enough, I had a late breakfast at home but then headed out to my first kids party.  I made sure to pack myself a snack of mixed nuts in case I was tempted to  try some cake.  I headed over to the party with my sister and her husband and proceeded to have a great time! Our friends really out did themselves in preparing for their son’s 1st birthday and man did all the food look delicious! Mac and cheese, buffalo chicken dip, sweet and spicy meatballs, spinach artichoke dip, 2 kinds of cake and cupcakes!  It all looked and smelled so delicious and tempting!!! I mean who wouldn’t want to eat cakes that looked like this:



I know I wanted to but I’m proud to report I did NOT! Hooray for me! I didn’t even really want the cake, okay I mean I did a little, who doesn’t want cake? But it felt more like I wanted the cake because everyone was having cake and it was there. How screwed up is that? I guess I never though of food in terms of peer pressure but sometimes I think that is exactly what it is.  You might not necessary want something but everyone around you is eating it or drinking it so you do too.  This is certainly not what happened every time I ate a cupcake, slice of pizza, cookies etc, but it’s something I’m certainly feeling now and something I have a feeling was happening before without me even noticing it. I guess now I’m just noticing.

Back to Saturday, I ended up not even touching my bag of mixed nuts because my sister (who is also doing her own version of the Whole30) came seriously prepared. And by prepared I mean multiple bags of different fresh vegetables; grape tomatoes, celery, snap peas etc. It was awesome! To top it off she also brought a bag of salted mixed nuts, almonds, walnuts, cashews, etc. We even picked out the peanuts that were accidentally mixed in with them. After the birthday party I headed back to my parents house for dinner with them and some old friends.

Dinner was also tempting! My mom made some farro which I would have loved to try but I resisted.  Although the sheer amount of butter, milk and cheese that went into it was slightly off-putting.  Seriously there must have been a pound of dairy mixed in so it I’m kinda glad I was unable to try it.  But I do hope to try farro one day.  I also avoided the bread that was on the table and managed to get my share of salad before the crumbled bleu cheese went on top of it. I throughly enjoyed my maple pork loin, roasted brussels sprouts and salad. It was all delicious! And yes the maple pork loin did have some maple syrup in it and no I’m not freaking out about it.  I ended up making dessert which was from the back of the book, poached pears in raspberry cream sauce. Yummy! Although my pears weren’t quite ripe so I should have poached them longer then I did but I still liked the crisp that they had.

Day 7: Saturday Jan 12, 2013
Brunch: 3 eggs with 2 chopped up tomatoes and hot sauce


Lunch/Snack: Veggies (snap peas, tomatoes) and mixed salted nuts
Dinner: Maple pork loin, roasted brussels sprouts and salad with pears, walnuts and homemade vinaigrette
Dessert: Poached pears in raspberry cream sauce with toasted almonds


So down to the nitty-gritty, my first week is over and maybe you’re wondering about whether I saw any results, other than how I was feeling and my energy levels?  Well I’m glad you asked!

On Sunday, Jan 6, 2013 I weighted in at a whooping and I mean whooping, 231 lbs. Yikes I know! Is it sad that I’m just glad that it wasn’t worst? It is sad, but it’s the truth. On Saturday, Jan 12, 2013 I weighted in at 226.6! BOOM! I lost 4.4 pounds in a week. Hells yeah!

I know, I know, I’m not suppose to weigh myself during the Whole30 but I am who I am, and weigh myself I will.  I’ll probably be posting my weight once a week for consistency and just to check in on overall progress.  I also finally got around to taking measurements on day 7, but I’m going to hold those and post them with my final measurements after the 30 days.


SW: 231 (Yuck!)
CW: 226.6
Total Pounds Lost: 4.4



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