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Sumo Side Lifts

For some reason today was a good day. I don’t know why. Maybe it’s because I got up before 10am, my quick workout, hanging with the pup or getting to hang out outside reading a book (heaven!), or maybe it was all the above.  I choose all the above.  Here’s the workout:


Week 5 Day 2: Sexy And I Know It Workout (BodyRock Lite)


(The first three exercises I did in sets of 25 reps.  For the 4th exercise I took a break between the two legs and the 5th exercise I got them all done in one shot.)
1) 100 Sumo Side Lifts: Used 10lb kettlebell.
2) 75 Push-Ups: On my knees.
3) 75 Tricep Dips: Of the side of my bed which was better than doing them off the end of my bed for some reason (maybe because the side is more compressed b/c it’s where I sleep?)
4) Step Ups – 50 Left & 50 Right Leg: Used 10lb kettlebell for these. I held the weight on the side I was stepping with.
5) 15 Slow Stability Ball Crunch With Maximum Weight: Totally forgot to use my kettlebell for these.  Ooops!


This is the 2nd or 3rd time I’ve had Sumo Side Lifts in a BodyRock workout and I must say for some reason I kinda love them. I think I might need to start making sumo noises when doing them.  Talk about hilarious. If I’m going to be doing anymore Step-ups I seriously need to find a higher step.  The stairs just don’t cut it. These tricep dips were actually better than any dips I’ve done in the past so I’m hoping I kick that part of the fit test in two days. Hoping for improvements!


Here are a few other reasons why today was a great day. (WARNING: There are lots of cute puppy pictures to follow. Enjoy!)

Finn loves showing off his down dog and trying to interrupt my workouts. What a goof ball!
Trying to get some sun.

The sun decided to hide and give way to rain showers. 😦 (Eventually the sun came back out in the late afternoon, so I went back out to get a few chapters read.)

Lunch: Avocado slices, chopped tomato sprinkled with olive oil, salt and pepper with a homemade turkey burger to top it off.

Chai tea in my favorite mug. Yum!

Wet dog getting a bath.  Still battling his skin infection. Poor Finn!

Successful puppy bath! Recipe for success? Soft, chewy cookies!

Dinner: Homemade tomato soup from Smitten Kitchen, one of the best food blogs out there that I know of. I had mine sans bread but I did add the cheese cuz hey I like cheese. But honestly, it’s the best tomato soup I have ever had, even if you take off the crispy bread and the cheese. The soup is just that good! (Please pardon the messy bowl.)

So as you can see, it was a pretty awesome day. Right? I think so.  Oh well. One thing I forgot to mention yesterday, I’m no longer going to be ordering Chai Tea Lattes if I go to Starbucks. I had one yesterday and as I was sipping it I was thinking “Damn, this is too sweet.” So alas, my whole trying not to eat sweet things has bitten me in the butt and has caused me to reject my one of my favorite beverages.  Super sad face.  I’m really not too broken up about it. It’s a good thing that I’m recognizing that it is too sweet but I will miss you chai lattes, I will.  Good thing it’s almost fall and winter, which means apple cider and peppermint hot chocolate (just another thing I don’t need). But seriously, plain old tea is delicious especially without any added sweeteners, so I’ll be fine especially if I can find some of the Pumpkin Chai tea I found last year.

Have you discovered that you can’t eat or drink something you previously loved after trying to removed sugar/added sugar from your diet?


4 thoughts on “Sumo Side Lifts

  1. A. Lunch looks amazing
    B. I also gave my pup a bath tonight, and also find treats to be a recipe for success.
    C. Your blog is awesome. 🙂

    1. Thanks Sarah! Normally for lunch I’d just chop up the avocado and tomato and put them next to the burger. But some how the olive, salt and pepper transformed it into something extra delicious!

      And thanks for thinking my blog is awesome. I’m certainly trying!

    1. I find it hard to even have more than a sip of soda. Which again is a good thing but I wish I didn’t have the urge to have a sip of soda.

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