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Weekend Update

Long time, no blog.  Sorry I’ve been MIA, I wish I could say that I’ve been super busy doing something awesome, but alas I haven’t been.  I’ve been hanging out at home with the dog, looking for jobs, working out a little and trying to eat well. Friday and Saturday I didn’t work out, talk about lazy.  Bad Maggie. Friday I at least worked so I was active most of the day.  Saturday was just a mellow, relaxed kinda day. I enjoyed the rainy day by cleaning, doing laundry and basically just lying low.  Sunday I’m proud to report that I actually did a little workout.


Week 4 Day 4: Hot Pink Workout (BodyRock Sculpt)
(I used my 10lb kettlebell for all 4 exercises)
1) Oblique Plank Twists Left: 15 (I did these on the ground, in side plank position.)
2) Oblique Plank Twist Right: 14 (I did these on the ground, in side plank position.)
3) Circle Chest Left: 17
4) Circle Chest Right: 18


Week 4 Day 4: Bend It Like It’s Hot Yoga (BodyRock Flow)
This was a great cool down yoga sequence.  Just a great way to relax and mediate on the day.  I think I’m going to start doing this one at the end of the day and start doing the previous warm-up one at the beginning of the day.


The weekend was okay in terms of food. Friday night might have involved some homemade grilled pizzas (I decided not to load mine with sausage and pepperoni and switched to some shrimp instead). It was good but when I think about it not really worth it when I think about the goals I want to accomplish in the long run. Saturday I was good until dinner. We had a rabbit a friend gave to us and Mom made risotto to go with it.  The bunny was okay, too many little bones though. The risotto was delicious as risotto always is.  I ate way too much of it of course.  Just another reason I need to move out ASAP, so I can cook all my own meals and not be tempted by delicious things like risotto.

A quick update, nothing crazy. But I plan on getting back on track with updating this week.



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