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Monday and Beyond!

Since there is only 4 days in the last week of the 30 Day Challenge, I took Monday off from BodyRocking since I had my core class in the evening.  I figured I’d kick my ass enough with that class and kick my ass I did.

I really love that class.  Tons of fun, great people and it’s one hell of a workout.  I can tell I’ve certainly improved since the first time I took the class back in May/June. Back then I could barely walk the day after or go up and down the stairs.  This time around, I’m a little sore but I can do anything without any major pain or soreness. It’s great to see some progress in something!  The last 25 out of 100 squats were harsh because we threw in some weight but it was good to get it done! Lunges were a little harsh too. I’ve never really liked lunges, in fact I use to hate lunges. I mean HATE lunges.  They’re the devil!  But I’ve slowly come to only dislike lunges.  They’re just so fantastic for you so it’s hard to hate them when they help make your butt so perky!

Monday was also Weigh-In Monday! Drum roll please! I finally broke the damn 220lb mark. I weighted in at 219.6lbs which puts me at a total of 4 pounds lost. It’s not much but heck it’s something and considering it took me 4 weeks to break the damn 220 mark, I have no intention of going back which explains why I’m trying to be more careful about what I eat.

Even though it seems like I haven’t really lost much weight, I know my body composition has changed and I’m not the only one who thinks so.  While I don’t think I look really different (I just can feel the differences) I’ve had two people say how I’m looking slimmer. On Friday my co-worker Pat said she thought I looked like I had lost weight and was looking slimmer through the middle. Monday night at my class, Donna also said I looked slimmer.  So while I might not be seeing any differences it’s nice to know other people are. Positive re-enforcement. Hooray!

Today I started the last week of the BodyRock 30 Day Challenge.  It’s been a crazy month or so but I’ve really enjoyed it and I look forward to continuing with BodyRock after this week.  It will certainly be my quick, go-to strength workout. I’m excited to see how much my numbers have improved and hopefully (fingers crossed) how many inches I’ve lost.

Week 5 Day 1: Show Your Skin Workout (BodyRock Burn)
1) Side Plyometric Jumps: 45, 45, 39 (I had nothing that I could use to put my feet on so I just did this without a box.)
2) Alternative Box Oblique Twists: 15, 13, 15
3) Reverse Push-ups: 15, 19, 19 (I ended up doing regular push-ups on my knees due to lack of a way to do reverse push-ups.)
4) 2 x Side Plank Push-Ups,Oblique Knee, Tuck Jump (Alt. btwn L & R Side): 3, 3, 3

My tuck jumps during exercise 4 were pretty atrocious, but considering I had never done them before I thought they went pretty well.  One of my throwers had incredible tuck jumps! Seriously her knees were up by her ears at the apex of her jump. It was INSANE how good her tuck jumps were.  Something to work towards I guess.

Week 5 Day 1: This Feels Hot! Workout (BodyRock Burn)
(I used my 10lb kettlebell for all the exercises below.)
1) One Leg Box Lunge & Press (Left Leg): 24
2) One Leg Box Lunge & Press (Right Leg): 24
3) Single Leg Deadlift & Bent Over Row (Right Row- Left Leg): 15
4) Single Leg Deadlift & Bent Over Row (Left Row- Right Leg): 15

I had to do the first two exercises on the stairs, just using the first step.  Apparently I need to invest in a table I can use to step up on either that or find a wall to step up onto outside. For the last two exercises, since I didn’t have a table I could knee on, I used my bed.  It was a little challenging because my knees sunk into the bed a little which made the leg portion of the exercise a tad difficult.  But on the other hand it challenged my balance a bit more than I think a table would have so that’s good.

Week 5 Day 1: Hot Body Splits Workout (BodyRock Flow)
I honestly haven’t done this one yet, or at least at the time of this posting. But I fully intend to do it tomorrow. I would do it tonight but I think sleep is more likely. I’m actually excited to do this one because it’s all about hip opening to accomplish a split.  I use to be able to do a split in high school because I would stretch regularly but once I stopped sports, I stopped stretching so I lost my split ability.  It’s one thing I hope to be able to accomplish again soon. I look forward to doing this tomorrow.


Food for the past two days has been pretty good. Lots of eggs and salads with shrimp. I’ve really been trying to focus on eating better.  I’m not really following any plan in particular, just trying to eat whole foods aka less processed things and more veggies and fruits. I’m also avoiding grains for a while but if I have something whole wheat I’m not going to cry about it.  I don’t know how long I’m going to avoid grains for but I’m two days in so let’s see how long I can go.

Are you following any certain dietary rules or restrictions? If so what?

SW: 223.6
CW: 219.6



2 thoughts on “Monday and Beyond!

  1. I am so impressed Maggie!!! I remember you HATING lunges! It’s not surprising the number hasn’t moved much but I’m sure everything looks and feels better. When I use strength training to lose weight I feel like it takes longer to get the number down but in the end always look better. Congrats Maggie and keep up the good work!

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