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A Lite Day

Today I had half a day of work and then I hit up the beach until the evening. The beach was great but I was apparently lacking the appropriate amount of sunscreen on my back. Ouch!  So once I got home, workout time was in short supply but I’m happy to report that I got in the second BodyRock Lite workout in of the week.  I know it’s not much but its better than nothing and I was still sweating by the end.


Week 4 Day 3: Beginner Full Body Workout (BodyRock Lite)
Aim for 75 reps of 3 x 25 split intervals of each
1) 75 Air Squats
2) 75 Beginner Push Ups
3) 75 Bent Over Row (Used 10lb kettlebell. Did one set of 25 on each arm then a second set of 13 on each arm for a total of 76 reps.)
4)  30 Slow Bike Crunches to Finish


Since I’ve been free from work the past  2 weeks, I’ve enjoyed the luxury of getting my workouts in after I woke up in the morning.  Unfortunately for the next few weekends I won’t really be able to do that.  I’m still just not that much of a morning person, I’m trying though. So tomorrow’s workout (whenever I figured out what it will be) will be tomorrow after work.  That should be interesting.

Food was uninteresting today. Yogurt for breakfast with some chai tea before work. Lunch was a small leftover salad with some leftover chicken from last night and a mint chocolate ice cream sandwich (I know, I know, but it was so good!). Dinner was kinda non-existent, some pistachios and some chicken salad w/ cheddar on some crackers.  I don’t know.  I just wasn’t that hungry today for some reason.

I know struggle with food and balance between what I should and shouldn’t eat/how much/when, etc. It’s something I really need to focus on and get my act together.


What do you struggle with in terms of food? 



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