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So this week of the 30 day challenge is different that the past three.  Monday, Wednesday and Friday are Burn, Sculpt and Flow while Tuesdays and Thursdays are BodyRock Lite days. So today was supposed to be a Burn, Sculpt, Flow day but I ended up doing the first Lite workout instead. I slept late (due to lack of good quality sleep lately, damn humidity) and then my friend, Allie, from Jersey came to visit for the afternoon. So after she left I got in the Lite workout while planning on doing day 1 of the week on Tuesday. The Lite workout was just one quick video that I had time to do before a core class that I had at 6:30 at my local running store.

Week 4 Day 1: Make Me Hot Workout (BodyRock Lite)
1) 100 SandBag Swings – Used 10lb kettlebell
2) 15 Total Slow Stability Ball Crunches – Did on floor
3) 15 Total Slow Bike Crunches


Over all the workout was pretty easy. I did my swings in 2 groups of fifty instead of four groups of twenty-five. I ended up doing the crunches after my core class. They were easy but definitely harder than they would have been had I done them before my class. The Lite workouts were created for pure beginners so they are geared to be on the easier side. I think the 10lb kettlebell is too light for me for things like kettlebell swings.  I definitely need to invest in a heavier kettlebell in the near future.  I also would like to get another 10lb kettlebell to use when do things like curls, presses, round the world, etc.

My core class on the another hand was awesome! I originally took this class back in May and June at my local SoundRunner store in Old Saybrook. The class is designed to help build strength in the multiple “cores” of your body. See the class description below:

“There are multiple “cores” in the body. The one core that all the others work off of is the abdominal core.  Dr. AJ will be using scientifically based exercises to focus on the strength, stability, and mobility of the abdominal and hip musculature. Unlike most core workouts that put a lot of pressure through the lower back, (i.e. – crunches and sit-ups) increasing your likelihood for back problems, Dr. AJ’s core class exercises are designed to strengthen the back and reduce the likelihood for injury during activity. The end of every session will also include working on proper diaphragmatic breathing. This will lead to a direct increase in stamina due to the increased oxygen availability to your muscles.  The goal for this class is to teach your body how to become a more efficient and enduring through any athletic endeavor you choose. With more efficiency and endurance come better performance, and more importantly less injury.”

Just picture moving from exercise to exercise for an hour. Side planks, cat/bird poses, babies, glute squeezes with resistance bands, squats, lunges, crab walks, etc.  Intense and awesome all at the same time! I remember the first class the first time around that I took this and boy did it kick my ass.  I remember waking up the next day and being able to barely round out of bed.  It hurt to walk down the stairs, let alone go up the stairs.  Talk about ouch! I’m proud to report that this time around I kicked the first class’ ass! I powered through everything. The last set of squats got a little tough but I got ’em done! I can’t wait to continue with the class again.

So today was also weight in Monday.  I’m happy to report I lost 1.6 pounds which brings me back down to 220.0 lbs.  I can’t help but laugh when typing this.  But at least I’m reporting a loss and not a gain.  Thank goodness! I’ll just be happy when I never have to see 220 on the scale again and that is going to happen soon.  It’s going to happen next week damnit.  Just you wait and see!


SW: 223.6
CW: 220.0


Total Weight Loss: 3.6 lbs


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