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Lacking a Little Bit of Everything


So this week gets a little complicated in terms of the 30 Day Challenge.  BodyRock changed the format during the 3rd week and things got kinda confusing.  Yesterday I was on my own to find a workout in the midst of the BodyRock world.

I tried my best to find a workout I could get into but I failed miserably.  I really like when I just have something I know I have to do, hence why I like the idea of 30 Day Challenge. After struggling to find a workout for a while, I decided to just do the yoga video that was posted for yesterday.

Good Time Yin Yoga

I know I should have done a cardio/strength video but I just couldn’t get into it, so yoga it was.  I just followed along with the video in real-time and managed to get into all the positions except for the third hip opening position. I could not for the life of me twist myself that way. While I know I should have done something more active, I think this was exactly what I needed.  I was just stressing from the day.

I ended up spending most of my day yesterday with Finn and checking up on him. We spent an hour and a half at the vet with the word surgery being batted around.  Basically he had been lethargic for the past 4 days, only eaten once in the past four days, couldn’t seem to get comfortable and had been throwing up.  So off to the vet we went.  Apparently his gut isn’t moving which means something is blocking it. The vet says that it normally clears up within 48 hours but seeing as how it had been three days already they were mildly concerned. He also tested positive for Lyme and got a medicated shampoo for his apparent bacterial infection of his skin. My poor pup was falling apart! I ended up spending most/rest of the day hanging out with him, taking him swimming, giving him a bath with medicated shampoo, feeding him and giving him meds.


Today was a bit better in terms of motivation. I was able to get my workout done in the morning although I delayed it for a little while for no particular  reason.  I don’t know what’s going on with me lately. I just couldn’t see to really get into the workouts the past two days.  I will say that once I started the workout I was able to get into it. I felt good to get the workout done and I certainly didn’t regret doing it afterwards.

Week 3 Day 5: Take A Girl Down? Workout (BodyRock Burn)
Couplet 1:
1. Towel Plank Drag & Push-Up: 8, 9 (On my knees)
2. Bicep Curl & Low Jacks: 16, 16 (Alt. left & right arm each low jack, used 10lb kettlebell)
Couplet 2:
1. Stand Crunch & Jump: 5, 6 (Used 10lb kettlebell)
2. Wide Grip Pull – Up & Bicep Curl: 5, 6 (Used doorjam, lifting one knee individually, used 10lb kettlebell)
Couplet 3:
1. 10x Mtn Climbers + Clean & Press & Squat & Press: 3.5, 3 (Used 10lb kettlebell)
2. 3 Point Plank Jump & Surfer Jump Turn: 4, 5


Week 3 Day 5: Hotter Than Me? Workout (BodyRock Sculpt) 
1) Low Squat & Side Lift: 12 (Used 10lb kettlebell)
2) 1 Leg Push Up (Alt. btwn Left & Right Leg): 10 (Did on the ground w/ no stability ball)
3) 1 Leg Lunge  & Knee up with Side Row (L): 11 (Used 10lb kettlebell)
4) Stability Ball Push Ups & Knee Tuck: 2 (Used towel on the floor since I didn’t have a stability ball. I had the hardest time just figuring out the logistics of this one and coordinating my movements, hence the ridiculously low number.)
5) 1 Leg Lunge  & Knee up with Side Row (R): 11 (Used 10lb kettlebell)


Week 3 Day 5: Skin Tight Yoga (BodyRock Flow) 
Yoga was brief today. Just 3 positions that you can do in your desk chair.  The 1st position was great for my wrists. My wrists and forearms really needed that stretch. Ouch, did that feel good! The back stretch was also great The hip stretch was nothing compared to the last two days of yoga and those hip openers. If you ever need a hip opening stretch just do pigeon, dragon lunge and the wide legged forward fold. So good!


Food for the past few days has been kinda minimal. It has just been too damn hot and humid to really eat. I don’t know, when the weather is like this I don’t really get hungry. I did have pizza tonight for dinner which was delicious! Spinach, bacon and tomato with no cheese. Yummy!

My goal for this weekend is to get back on a schedule. I do so much better with schedules. I also want to start reading up on nutrition and educating myself on what to eat, when to eat and how often to help me get the results that I want. Anyone have any good recommendations?

Finn Update: He has eaten multiple times today and seem to be feeling better. So much better he was even trying to mooch food from us at dinner. So hopefully he is on the mend. I’ll feel better about it once his digestion gets back to normal, hopefully tomorrow.

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