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Weekend Round-up and Setbacks

So this weekend was pretty fantastic. The boyfriend came up to visit Friday night until Tuesday afternoon, so we got to have some quality time.  Friday night was pretty relaxed, we just had dinner and watched some Olympics. Saturday was nice and relaxing just hot and humid as all hell. So humid that if you moved you poured sweat, so gross! So we ended up just lying low during the day and then drove up to Hartford for dinner at Feng with my brother.  Besides my bro making fun of us for having dinner at 6pm (Lots of jokes about trying to pick up grandmas) it was a really good dinner. We did the Taste of Hartford menu, so I got a duck salad appetizer, sushi and sashimi entrée and a spice rice pudding for dessert.  Tons of food for only $20.12 and it was all delicious! And yes I ate the rice pudding, although not all of it. Since we were done with dinner around 7pm my bro suggested walking across the street to one of his favorite bars for a drink and some darts.  So away we went. Yes I had a beer, well a Magners really and I didn’t even drink it all. What really did me in was the snacking on the peanuts for an hour while playing darts. Damn peanuts and their deliciousness! Snacking is a sure-fire way to ruin a day’s worth of progress. After a couple of rounds of darts we headed home.

Sunday morning brought boyfriend’s 10 mile road race.  So we got up early and headed down to Guilford. A little less than 2 hours later he crossed the finish line. I was so proud of him but I also thought he was just a tad bit crazy. It was so ridiculously hot and humid, probably the worst day ever to run, let alone run 10 miles.  I was just happy that he crossed the finish line without fainting or falling down. A lot of that happened. Boyfriend even said a girl fainted right in front of him during the race and people just ran around her. Ran AROUND her! Who does that? Luckily I picked a good one, and boyfriend and another runner helped to carry her to safety and waited until a race official came and took over. Even after he finished there were multiple ambulances and fire trucks on the scene due to people fainting or having breathing issues. Scary! So I was just glad he finished without any problems. After the race we headed home with a quick stop at Starbucks for me. The rest of Sunday was pretty laid back. We just hung out and played some Monopoly while trying to stay cool.

Boyfriend is back there somewhere after crossing the finish line.
Marvel Monopoly. Its how we roll!

Monday was a fantastic day. Boyfriend took me to finally see the Dark Knight Rises. So good! One of my favorites of the trilogy! If you haven’t seen it then go now! Now I say! Afterwards we went out to a late lunch, mmmm a small lobster roll (no french fries or cold slaw) and then went down to the river and crabbed for a few hours.

On Monday morning I also introduced boyfriend to BodyRock.  It was a repeat of the first day of the challenge so you could compare your scores to the first day and see how far you had come in 2 weeks. I think it was a bit boring for boyfriend but he said it was a good quick workout. I was excited about hopefully seeing some improvement in my scores.

Here are my scores from the first day:

Day 1: Sexy By Summer Workout (Beginner Level Fit Test):
Squats: 28, 28, 26 (Total reps – 82)
Push-Ups (on my knees): 20, 21, 16 (Total reps – 57)
Tricep Dips (w/ legs bent, hands on bed): 13, 20, 16 (Total reps – 49)
Abs: 27, 30, 30 (Total reps – 87)


Day 1: Bodyrock Flow Workout (Flexibility Test):
Downward Dog: My heels were slightly off the ground. I can get them to the ground with some aches in the calves.
Pigeon: Right hip supported a little with a sweatshirt. Need to focus on bringing my left hip forward. I can fold down to the ground. The same thing when I switched legs, left hip was supported, needed to bring my right hip forward but I can fold down to the ground.
Dangle: 2 minutes complete with palms completely on the floor.
Back Bend: Approximately 35 degrees back.


Here are Monday’s scores:

Week 3 Day 1: Sexy By Summer Workout (Beginner Fit Test)
Squats: 31, 29, 28 (Total reps – 88)
Push-ups (on knees): 26, 21, 29 (Total reps – 76)
Tricep Dips (w/ legs bent, hands on bed): 16, 16, 13 (Total reps – 45)
Abs: 29, 28, 29 (Total reps – 86)


Week 3 Day 1: BodyRock Flow Workout (Flexibility Test)
Down Dog: I love me some down dog. I could get my heals to the ground if I really stretched them.  Still one of the best stretches to loosen up my tight hammies and calves.
Pigeon: Only used a small pillow under my hip. I got my elbows completely on the ground and my head to my knee.
Dangle: Still rocking 2 minutes or more with my palms on the ground. One of my absolute favorite positions!
Back Bend: Got to approximately 45 degrees.


So overall I had a 6 rep improvement with my squats, a 19 rep improvement with my push ups, a 3 rep decline in my tricep dips and 1 rep decline in my abs. So some good and some bad. I love how much my push ups have improved and I know that I can improve my tricep dips and ab exercises. I don’t know what happened with those. I know that I’m stronger, I can feel it. So I don’t know why that didn’t translate with those two exercises. My flexibility has improved I think, especially with the back bent. I’ve always been pretty flexible so it’s nice to see that I can do something better than I could before.

Monday was also weigh in day. This was pretty depressing. I weighted in at 221.6 lbs. That means I gained, GAINED 1.6 lbs in a week. Ugh!! Someone shoot me! Not at all what I was hoping for. So that put me in a funk for a while. I know that I’m different from last week. I know that I’m stronger. I know that my pants fit better and so do my shirts. I know that I like the way I’m feeling lately. So while I might have gained some this week, I know that my body is different. I know that it is getting better. I know that I am getting better. So I will continue to kick my ass into gear and hopefully shed some pounds this week.

How do you stay motivated when the scale doesn’t budge or moves in the wrong direction?


SW: 223.6
CW: 221.6

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