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End of Week 2

So today ends the second week of the 30 Day Challenge and I kicked its ass! Well I might not have kicked its ass but today was certainly better than yesterday’s debacle. Yesterday was just brutal but I got through it and I got through today’s workout. The Burn workout was a bit longer than normal but it felt good. The push-up, touch toe and jump burpees were harsh, especially since there was two sets of them in each round. But considering I had never done one until two weeks ago I’d say I’m doing pretty alright. Here’s the breakdown for today.

Week 2 Day 5: The Avengers Workout (BodyRock Burn)
1) Push Up, Touch Toe & Jump Burpee: 6, 5
2) Pike Mat Jumps: 40, 40
3) Swing, Lunge & Knee Lifts: 9, 9 (Did w/o the equalizer)
4) Push Up, Touch Toe & Jump Burpee: 5, 5
5) Pike Mat Jumps: 37, 40
6) Plank, 2 Jumps & Bag Drag: 5, 5 (Didn’t use bag, so I just reached under and across and touched the floor.)
7) Tuck Abs: 12, 13
8) Hanging Knee Raises: 25, 26 (Like earlier in the week, held onto the door jam with fingers and raised one knee at a time with toes still on the ground.) 


Week 2 Day 5: Sexy Bikini Body Workout (BodyRock Sculpt) 
(This was originally done with both arms at the same time but I had to break it down to one at a time since I only have one kettebell.) All lifts done using 10lb kettlebell.
1) Bicep Curl & Shoulder Press (L): 14
2) Bicep Curl & Shoulder Press (R): 14
3) Shoulder Press (L): 24
4) Shoulder Press (R): 24
5) Round the World (L): 5
6) Round the World (R): 5
7) Upright Row (L): 20
8) Upright Row (R): 20


Week 2 Day 5: Bikini Ready Yoga (BodyRock Flow Workout) 
Extended Leg Raise Pose: 20 reps (I managed to keep my lower back grounded on the floor during most of it. In the beginning I couldn’t bring my feet down almost to the floor b/c I thought my back was arching, but towards the end I got my feet a few inches above the floor. My abs were really sore during this so I ended up taking a few breaks during this exercise.)
Extended Leg Toe Touch: 20 reps (Ooo this one was harsh. My abs are going to be sore tomorrow! I had to take a few breaks during this exercise too but I managed to get up and reach my toes. My head wasn’t at my knees but I could reach my toes at least.  I had trouble keeping my arms by my ears when coming up from the prone position. My arms tended to reach up first and then my head would fallow. Sometimes coming back down I was a little rushed but I tried my best to control my descent back to the mat.)
V Pose: 5 breaths (This one was the hardest. I couldn’t get into a nice V position. I was pretty much in a horizontal position. lol. I had my legs/feet a good 6 inches off the ground? and I was leaning back onto my hands. I did manage to keep my back straight and not round it! One small victory I guess.)

This was brunch again today. It was pretty delicious. I cooked them a little less today and that helped with the texture a bit.  The yogurt was pretty good too.

No snacks today. It was just too damn hot for eating or just about anything. I did get out and about doing some errands which would have been so much better except for the damn humidity.

While doing my errands, I finally picked up a heart rate monitor to go with my awesome Garmin Forerunner. I’m excited to try it out next week.

Yeah, this happened at the end of my errands. It was delicious but I’m starting to think that they taste too sugary. It’s a bummer but it means I’ll probably be cutting back on them which is good not only for me but also for my wallet.

Dinner was green and white fettuccine with tomatoes, bacon and basil with some green salad. I know it wasn’t the best choice but it was good and I didn’t eat all the pasta on my plate. I did eat all the salad though.

This weekend is active rest which will be nice. My muscles could use some time off. My boyfriend is coming up this weekend so it should be fun-filled at least. So far we have Hartford Restaurant week to look forward too, his 10-mi road race, the Coventry Farmer’s Market (it’s Dog Days on Sunday, you should go and take your pup!) and some crabbing. Oh and I might be introducing him to BodyRock on Monday. I’m sure he’ll do fantastic and kick my ass.


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