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Today was rough. I did not for the life of me want to get out of bed, let alone get in a workout. Do you ever have those mornings? Where you just want to curl up in bed, pull the sheet over your head and just let the world pass you by? That was my morning this morning. It’s safe to say that I was slow getting out of bed and by slow I mean slow as molasses. Then even after I got out of bed I was slow getting ready. I probably wasted a good hour or so just putzing around with Finn watching Olympic dressage. Eventually I got down to business with the workout even though it was the last thing I wanted to do.

Week 2 Day 4: Sexier Than Skin Workout (BodyRock Burn)
1) Touch Downs: 38, 28, 27
2) 10 Crab & 10 Mountain Climbers: 2.5, 2, 2
3) Push Up, Burpee & Toe Touch (Alt. Left & Right): 6, 6, 5
4) Sandbag Shoulder Lift & Side Lunge (Alt. Left & Right): 6, 5, 5 (Using 10lb kettlebell)


I felt dead after the first round and was just happy I got through the last 2 rounds. How sad is that? But I guess it was about time I had a day like that. After the Burn workout I was only slightly excited to do the Sculpt workout and only because I knew I wouldn’t have to be jumping around. Give me weights over cardio any day!

Week 2 Day 4: Killer Booty Sculpt Workout (BodyRock Sculpt) 
(Using 10lb kettlebell for all exercises)
1) Squats: 21
2) Bent Over Row (L): 24
3) Bent Over Row (R): 26
4) Woodchop (L): 22
5) Woodchop (R): 21


I had to break up the bent over row into 2 parts since I only have one kettlebell. I would have powered through another set of this but I was just so mentally drained from the first workout.


Brunch: A recipe from Sean Light’s Facebook page ( for pancakes.

His recipe: For the batter I put in 1/4 cup rolled oats, 2 egg whites, some flaxseeds, a splash of milk, some water (because it got a bit thick), 2 tbsp of protein isolate powder.

Mine: For the batter I put in 1/4 cup rolled oats (plus a little more b/c mine was a little soupy, too much milk), 2 egg whites, 2 tbls flaxseed meal (since I didn’t have any flaxseeds), a splash of milk (I put in a bit too much so I compensated with a bit more of the oats), 1 to 1 1/2 tsp of vanilla and a dash of cinnamon.

Then I just cooked them in a skillet with a little Pam for a few minutes on each side. I think I over cooked the first one just a little. The second one was better. Overall I was pretty pleased with this recipe. Something new and different for me and healthy. It will definitely be added into my breakfast rotation. I kinda wonder how this would be if I added a little honey? I’ll try it out soon and get back to you.

Snacks: I had a yogurt, some pistachios and a few chocolate chips.

Dinner: Two BBQ boneless pork “ribs” and a green salad with tomatoes and cucumbers with bleu cheese dressing.

I just realized, I didn’t have any sugary drinks today. No trips to Starbucks today and no tea and lemonade, just plain water. Go me!


Here’s hoping that tomorrow’s workout is better than today’s. When have you struggled with your workouts? How did you get past the mental block?


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