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I’ve been so busy trying to make progress towards my goals that I’ve completely forgotten to write them down.  It’s hard to say what my goals are exactly. I just have so many.

Immediate Goals:

– Continue to workout 5x a week or more.
– Add in running 4-5x a week.
– Improve fitness. This can be defined in so many ways, strength, endurance, stamina, flexibility. I choose all the above.
– Lose weight. This is pretty obvious. Yes, I have weight loss goals. I’m tentative about setting dates for my goals but if I were too here are what some would be:
– Lose 20 lbs by Oct 1st. I choose this date based on losing 2lbs a week which is a healthy rate to lose weight. I hope to lose my first twenty pounds slightly faster than that though. If I lose 20lbs by then I would be about 200lbs, the lightest I would remember being in 4+ years (I never really weighted myself in college, but if I did I would have just seen the scale going up and up.)
– Lose 40lbs by Christmas 2012. Based on the same rate of losing 2lbs a week.  If I lose 40lbs by Christmas I would weight about 180lbs which was my general weight in high school. I think the lightest I ever remember being in the past ten years was in high school when I weighted in at 175lbs.
– Love myself and the way that I look and feel comfortable in my own skin. It’s not that I don’t already love myself, I do. It’s more of the fact that I know I can be better. I have been better and I want to get back to that.


Long Term Goals
– Continue to workout 5x or more very week. 
– Run a half marathon.
– Complete a sprint triathlon. 
– In a distance future I would love to lose 70lbs which would put me around 150lbs. I have no idea if this is possible for me and if I get to a healthy, strong 165lbs I would certainly not cry about the last 15lbs.  I just want to be as physically and mentally strong and fit as I can be. I’d rather have my muscles and be 170lbs than have stick thin arms and legs and be 150lbs.
– Be strong, be fit, be happy and rock it! 


Here are my beginning measurements and weight.

Measurements/Weight (7/23/12):

Neck: 15 in
Bust: 45.5 in
Under Bust: 41 in
Arm (Bicep): 15 in
Waist (Natural): 39.5 in
Hips: 47.5 in
Thigh: 28 in
Calf: 17 in

Weight: 223.6lbs

Obviously I hope to see a decline in all the above measurements except for maybe my bust. I happen to like my boobs. 🙂 But seriously, I hope to see that measurement to go down too, in portion to everything else of course. I would love to lose a few inches off my calves, it would be so nice to actually be able to fit them into tall boots. Currently I can’t even fit them into wide shafted boots.

Overall, I keep telling myself, I’m a work in progress.  Always a work in progress.


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