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I feel pretty good from yesterday. No major soreness issues. My abs were a little sore but only the kind of sore that you feel when you twist or turn. It wasn’t a consistent pain. Just a nice “Oh hey, abs. Nice to know you’re there somewhere, buried under there.” My hamstrings were kind tight but my left one especially. I’ve noticed that it has been more tight than the right one for the past few days. Luckily today was Flow and it was all about hamstring stretches!

Week 2 Day 3: Wicked Flexibility Workout (BodyRock Flow)

I stayed in each position for about 2 minutes and went through the progression 2 times.

Seated Forward Bend: Not my favorite out of this series. I got a pretty good stretch but I couldn’t get down that far without my legs/knees trying to pop up.

Dangle: I love this position. Absolutely love. It was a little rough today but man did my hamstrings need it. I started out with my knees bent and then straightened them. After a minute or so I re-bent them and then straightened them out again. The stretch in my hamstrings had gotten pretty intense after a minute.

“Wide Leg” Dangle: I also love this position. Also fantastic for my hamstrings today. Talk about a badly needed stretch. I got pretty low. My forearms were almost on the ground. The first round I did the shoulder stretch and Ouch! I always forget how limited my flexibility of my shoulders are in that direction. Something to work on!

Food was pretty standard today. Breakfast was a yogurt. Had some pistachios as a snack. Chicken burger with 1 chopped tomato, 2 sweet potatoes baked as fries (2nd was pretty small). Dinner was spinach, tomato, egg scramble. I also definitely had some dark chocolate chocolate chips to curb a sweets craving.

I’m excited to get back to sweating tomorrow. Burn and Sculpt tomorrow!


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