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So Sunday was an active rest day. Besides working I didn’t get any major activity in. Work was pretty busy so I didn’t really have a chance to sit still at all. So it wasn’t terrible.  Sunday night my cousin and a friend went out to dinner. I was worried I would be tempted by something but I was pretty good. I did have a drink at the bar waiting for them to arrive, a Salty Dog minus the salt which was just grapefruit juice and gin. It was good but not nearly as good as I was hoping it would be. For dinner I had a warm spinach salad with bacon vinaigrette and a side of local steamers.  The salad was fantastic! The steamers were unfortunately a little sandy which I forgot was one reason I normally don’t get steamers. But the flavor was great! After dinner my cousin, Ariana, wanted some ice cream so we walked down the street to a soda fountain place I had heard about. They had some fantastic looking ice cream flavors and Ariana ended up trying their black raspberry which was highly recommended.  I ended up buying 2 dark chocolate truffles from a local chocolatier.  They were delicious and I didn’t regret them at all.

Monday morning Ariana was a good sport and joined me for a full-fledged BodyRock workout! It was a fantastic workout. We ended up doing it outside in the morning since there wasn’t enough room in my bedroom. So we just did all the workouts on the patio, facing each other. It was great to have a workout buddy for a change. Someone to help push you and encourage you and it was great to be able to help push someone and encourage them at the same time. Ariana was the perfect workout buddy because while she isn’t as out of shape as me, she wasn’t more fit than me, if that makes sense. We were just a good match in terms of our fitness level.  I wish I could have a workout buddy more often and she is more than welcome to come be my workout buddy anytime!

Week 2 Day 1: Steamy Sweat Workout (BodyRock Burn)–sexy-by-summer-bodyrock-burn-sculpt-flow-workouts/
1) 1 Arm Switch Sandbag Swing ( Alt. L & R Arm ) (10lb kettlebell): 28, 26
2) 10x Crab & 10 Mountain Climbers: 2, 2
3) Squat, Sandbag Side Lunge (Left & Right Alternate) (10lb kettlebell): 10, 6 
4) Monkey Push Ups: 5, 6
5) Plank, Double Jump & Drag the Bag (No bag so changed to a toe touch): 4, 4
6) Elevated Push Ups + Left & Right Under Knee Crossovers: 2, 3 (Just did regular pushups, not elevated and did knee to side instead of crossover b/c I had to do pushups on my knees for the last round)


Week 2 Day 1: Fitness is Sexy (BodyRock Sculpt)
1) Elevated Shoulder Push-Up (Switched to regular pushups): 16, 12, 12, 14, 15
2) WoodChop Left (10lb kettlebell): 21, 24, 24, 23, 22
3) Squats (10lb kettlebell): 22, 21, 21, 22, 214) WoodChop Right (10lb kettlebell): 23, 23, 23, 22, 21
5) Babies (Legs up in the air, lifting hips up off the ground): 22, 17, 15, 16, 17

#3 and #5 were suppose to be Single Arm Rope Pull & Twist but I couldn’t set anything like that up for two people so we came up with some fun substitutes.

So apparently I can’t read directions correctly and we were only supposed to do 1 round of these exercises. We ended up doing five. Ariana might have wanted to kill me after but the workout was awesome and I’m really glad we ended up doing more than we were suppose to.

Week 2 Day 1: Sexy Yoga Booty (BodyRock Flow)
Tree Position: 5 complete breathes in a row on both sides but before I got to that I was a little off-balance and had to reset once or twice.
Balancing Stick Position: Right leg was pretty terrible and the left leg was a little better.
Toe Grab and Extend: I could grab my toes but could barely extend my leg outward. It didn’t help that my hands and toes were slippery.


For lunch yesterday we went back to the soda fountain place because we had found out that they serve meals as well.  Turns out they serve Moroccan inspired food. It all sounded so delicious but I finally settled on a chicken sandwich with saffroned onions, spinach, tomato and a yogurt dill sauce. So good! I did end up taking most of the onions off. I loved the flavor of them, I just hate the texture of cooked onions. So slimy! Luckily the saffron flavor had been absorbed into the bread. Yummy!

For dinner Dad offered to cook grilled pizzas. Not the best choice for me, but still good. Normally I put 2 kinds of cheese, sausage and pepperoni. This time just one kind of cheese and sausage. Still not great and I mildly regretted this in the morning.

Today Ariana was an even better sport! On Monday we had gone to Target and gotten her a workout mat and some 5lb hand weights (I think someone has become a fan of BodyRock!) so she was prepared for this workout.  We did the same thing as yesterday, working out on the patio facing each other.  It was great! Ariana was a little sore and stiff from yesterday which was to be expected. I however, felt great! I was mildly sore but nothing big. It didn’t hurt to go up or down stairs or sit down, etc.  So I was roaring to go for this morning’s workout. My arms and shoulders were burning by the end of this workout but man did it feel good!

Week 2 Day 2: Knockout Summer Diet Body Workout (BodyRock Burn)–-knockout-summer-body-–-bodyrock-burn-sculpt-workouts/
1) Switch Lunge & Woodchop (10lb kettlebell): 18, 14
2) Diagonal Knee Raise (Did them on the ground): 10, 13
3) Power Jump, Push-Up & Toe Touch: 6, 6
4) Pike Mat Jumps: 34, 34
5) Pike Press & Knee Tuck: 6, 6
6) Leg Swing, Back Lunge & Knee Lifts: 10,10 (Did front kicks instead of knee lifts b/c no dip station)


Hot Girl Six Pack Abs Workout (BodyRock Sculpt) 
1) Side Plank Leg Lift (L): 10 (On left elbow w/ left knee bent)
2) Ab Circle Holds (Alt. Circle Direction) (10lb kettlebell): 19
3) Side Plank Leg Lift (R): 10 (On right elbow w/ right knee bent)
4) Ab Circle Holds ( Alt. Circle Direction) (10lb kettlebell): 19


Ariana and I after rocking our workout this morning!

Finn thought Ariana’s weight was his new bone. He kept trying to steal it from her.

Lunch today was a lobster roll and cold slaw from Edd’s. So good!!

Dinner ended up being BBQ chicken thighs, salad and a little bit of rice. I can’t wait to get back to eating at home. It’s just easier to control meals then and right now I need that.

Oh did I forget to mention that in my first week I lost 3.6 lbs! 3.6 LBS!! Hell yes!! As long as I get my eating under control for the rest of the week I’m hoping to do something similar for my next weight in. I will generally weigh in on Monday’s, I just didn’t get to it this Monday because I had a house guest. I can’t wait to see what next Monday brings! Time to keep up the good work!

SW: 223.6

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