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Olympic Opening Ceremonies

I generally don’t watch the opening ceremonies of the Olympics. I usually find them weird and I get bored watching the teams parade in.  I just want to see the athletic prowl-ness of the athletes. But for some reason I decided to watch the open ceremonies of this year’s Olympics, maybe it’s because they are in London and I love London!

As standard with other opening ceremonies, these were weird.  Interesting at some points, funny at others and at some points just plain weird.  I kind of enjoyed the traveling throughout the UK’s history though.

Agrarian Age highlights – Live animals on the fields, Kenneth Branagh reciting a part of the Tempest. The fact that they used real plants, although to me some of those wheat sections they were pulling off looked pretty fake. What do you think?

Industrial Age highlights – A nice transition between the two ages. Loved that the floor is actually a map of London. It’s just too bad you couldn’t tell without being told because of all the performers. I also liked the 5 rings being forged, nice pyrotechnics.

The Queen’s entrance – By far the BEST part of the opening ceremonies! Daniel Craig escorting the Queen as James Bond. Absolutely priceless and hilarious!

National Heath System and the children – I love that they are celebrating the fact that every citizen has access to healthcare (That must be nice). Let’s be honest, the UK has some awesome literature credited to them. It’s nice to see that represented. I liked the light up beds, the “scary dream” people I just thought were goofy.  The big baby at the end? Kinda creepy and definitely silly.

Chariots of Fire and Mr. Bean – The second best part of these opening ceremonies. You have to love Mr. Bean. Job well done Rowan Atkinson, job well done!

Frankie and June – Ummm, the best part of this one? The soundtrack, most definitely! I’m sorry but how were Frankie and June communicating on the phone if June had lost hers and Frankie had it? I just don’t get it. Did I miss something?

The parade of nations seemed to move a lot faster than I remember it in the past. Awesome! I wish that happened more often. One of my favorite parts of the parade? 3 of the 4 athletes competing as Independent Olympic Athletes. They were working the crowd and they looked like they were having a fantastic time!

Bicycle riding butterflies? Just plan weird. I don’t think I’ll be able to make it to Sir Paul McCartney. Oh well.

And as always I hate the NBC commentators. I always end up thinking about how dumb they sound or how dumb they must think us viewers are. I really just wish they would shut it and let us watch all the awesome athletic prowl-ness speak for itself. Oh and I thought Bob Costas was bad? Ugh Ryan Seacrest is worse! Is there nothing that they won’t let him touch? Yuck!

Olympic Events I’m Looking Forward To:

1. Track and Field or should I say Field and Track. Because I’ll be watching for the field events. Give me some Hammer Throw!
2. Swimming and Diving – Butterfly, butterfly, butterfly! Let’s see some IMs! 10m platform and synchronized? Count me in!
3. Gymnastics – Always insane.
4. Triathlon and Marathon – Seriously insane!
5. Weightlifting – I would love to catch some of this. Inspiring!
Good luck to all athletes participating! I can’t wait to watch you all in your glory!


What did you think of the opening ceremonies? Weird? Fun? Crazy?



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