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Active Rest at the Midsummer Festival

So today was an active rest day for my challenge.  I didn’t get to my run like I hoped I would due to rain all day but I did get a good walk in this morning. I’m bummed about the weather forecast for the next week or so, it’s looking like scattered thunderstorms for every day. That could put a damper on any running plans (not the biggest fan of running in the rain). We’ll just have to wait and see how it goes.

Back to my morning walk. I got the chance to stretch my legs at my town’s Midsummer Festival.  They put it on every year and it’s one of my favorite days of the summer. I normally don’t get a chance to attend due to work but luckily that wasn’t a problem this year.  So the Midsummer Festival is actually a two-day event, Friday and Saturday, but most of the action happens on the second day. I love going for the Au Plein Air market with is a combo of the usual farmer’s market in town plus some extra food vendors and different craft and arts vendors. There is also a book sale, a consignment sale, multiple food options, a dog show that you can enter your dog in, music, book signings, art sales and sales at local stores down Main St.

Normally the second day of the festival is hopping and by hopping I mean almost impossible to find a parking spot. Generally we have to hoof it multiple blocks just to get to the market.  That was not the case this year. I don’t know if we just got there early (We got there right at 9. Some of the vendors were still setting up!) or if it was the weather (gray and threatening rain already).

Even though some vendors were still setting up, we weren’t disappointed by the vendors that were there.  So many good things and only so much money! We perused the craft and artistic vendors first and I ended up buying a new pair of blue glass fused earrings.  So pretty! I can’t wait to wear them some place special! I also picked up another felted pumpkin from a fantastic wool vendor. She has some of the most beautiful hand dyed wool I have seen. It just makes me want to knit, knit, knit.

After the craft vendors we finally got into the food vendors. Yummy! I couldn’t wait to get my hands on some fantastic, local produce and boy did I.

Some delicious looking lettuce.

Beautiful heirloom tomatoes.

Lettuce and tomatoes both from White Gate Farm.

More beautiful tomatoes from Starlight Gardens.

I loved their sign!

The Farmer’s Cow!

(I love how they are smiling for this picture without me even asking.)

One of my favorite’s The Farmer’s Cow was there! I absolutely got some of my favorite strawberry lemonade to drink while walking around the market and a half a gallon of their tea and lemonade combo. Both so delicious! (I’ve written about my love for The Farmer’s Cow before here.) My love has not waned and I was ridiculously excited to hear a few weeks ago that they are going to be opening up their own store front in Mansfield! I can’t wait to visit it when it opens in the next couple of weeks.

One of my favorite cheese makers was also there. Love Cato Corner’s cow cheese!

(Although I didn’t get any today)

To the left: Nate’s Naturals. Great granola! To the right: Howard’s Bread.

We actually picked up two different breads from Howard’s for dinner. So delicious!

Most of our goodies. 3 kinds of heirloom tomatoes, Farmer’s Cow tea/lemonade, Nate’s granola, blackberries and apples from Scott’s, my felted pumpkin and some great cut flowers from The Hay House.

Fantastic bread from Howard’s Bread! To the Left: Epi (like a baguette but cooked in this “knot” or “leave” like form. To the Right: Olive bread (I don’t remember the proper name but it had olives in it and it was good!)

After walking through the market we decided to walk the mile or so down the road to check out some of the sales at the shops. So we dropped off our goodies in the car and proceeded on our way. The walk was nice enough, just humid as all heck. The sales were nice. We generally don’t get to some of those stores even though we live in town, so it was nice to visit them.  We then trudged  speed walked our way back to the car as it started sprinkling and thundering. The storm was coming! Luckily we made it back to the car just in time before the heavy rains started!

So while I didn’t get in the run I wanted to, I was happy with the walk that I did get in. I could certainly feel it in my quads and I kinda think they needed a little break. So the stretch the walk provided was perfect.

I have work tomorrow and it’s suppose to be raining. Again. So I’m not sure what my workout will be like. Hopefully I will get up early and get some exercise in before work. The good news (for my fitness, not necessarily my wallet) is that work is closing after tomorrow for 2.5 weeks, so I will have plenty of time to properly focus on making sure I get my workouts in.

Another consideration is that for the next week or so I’m going to have some visitors staying with me. My cousin comes tomorrow night which will be fun. I just hope that I will be still be able to get my workout in on Monday. Then the boyfriend is coming up Friday night and staying until the following Tuesday. I should be able to stick to the workout routine but I’ve said that before when he came up and it didn’t turn out well. It’s not like he discourages me or anything, just the opposite in fact. But I always feel like I have to entertain guests when they are here and that means I don’t get much time to do things by myself.

So my challenge for this upcoming week is to stay on track with workouts even in the amidst of my visitors. I hope it works. I will make it work!

Quick meal photos:

Breakfast: Standard yogurt

Snack before lunch: The small box of blackberries I got at the market which I shared with this guy!

Who knew Finn would like blackberries? But he did!

Lunch: Homemade chicken burger with ketchup, 1 sweet potato baked as fries, 1 chopped tomato.

Dinner: Cilantro and lime marinated chicken tenders (baked), chopped heirloom tomato (from the market) and mozzarella salad and 2 small pieces of the two different types of bread from Howard’s. (Yes I put some butter on the piece of butter to the right and it was delicious. I know I said I was trying to stay away from breads for a while, and I am but I made a small exception to try these. I won’t be eating anymore even though I want too because they were DELICIOUS!)

In addition to what is listed above I also had a small bottle of the Farmer’s Daughter Strawberry Lemonade, a glass of the tea/lemonade at home and a Venti Non-fat Chai Tea Latte from Starbucks. A bit heavy on the “sugary” drinks today but I also had plenty of water too.

I will do better tomorrow!

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