A Decision, Some Action

So I finally decided to get my ass in gear and by get my ass in gear I mean getting myself under control. Eating better, working out consistently in general (since I always say I will and then never do), etc.  I seem to go through these phases where I’m doing great but then something happens and I start making excuses after excuses.  It’s just this crappy, self-hating, vicious cycle I go through. So last week I decided to finally do something about it. I don’t know maybe it was seeing the scale creep higher than it has been in a long time. 229, WHOA! I have settled at 220 for a while now, so 229 was a slap in the face. Really 220 is a slap too, but it had been my “normal” for a while, so I was use to it, or at least that’s what I’m telling myself. Denial maybe?

So I started on an eating plan that I had used last year. It’s mainly how you should eat in general, tons of fruits and veggies, lots of lean protein and some yogurt. I’m drinking tons of water and tea (iced and hot) and avoiding crazy sugary drinks like soda, juices etc (although I am allowing myself Non-fat Chai Tea Lattes from Starbucks, a weakness). For the first two weeks I’m also trying to avoid grains, refined flour, sugars, etc.  Pretty much just trying to avoid processed crap. Slowly but surely the plan re-introduces other protein sources and whole grains.

So far the eating is going pretty well. Breakfast pretty much is the same every morning, a yogurt and generally some fruit. Lunch and dinner vary but all pretty much contain the same general thing, a protein and a bunch of veggies. I’ve started taking pictures of every meal so hold myself accountable, so expect to see a bunch of pictures of my meals on here. I’ve generally only eaten what is in the pictures, sometimes in the afternoon I’ll have a second yogurt as a snack (no need to take a picture of that) and for two days I had some sweet cravings so I had a few dark chocolate chocolate chips to curb that. Not handfuls, just a few every one and awhile, it seemed to help and I didn’t end up eating a whole cake or pan of brownies.  Mmmm, brownies, I wish.

So after a few days of getting my eating together I decided to add in some workouts.  A friend had previously brought to my attention the website which post 12 minute workouts daily. I had stalked the website for a while, getting the lay of the land, watching the videos but not doing them.  On Monday I decided to actually to do one, so I started with the first day of their May 30 Day Challenge.  More on BodyRock in another post, but I will say that it’s kicking my butt so far.  I’ve posted my results for the first 3 days below.  I can’t wait to retake the fit test at the end of my month. I hope to see some big changes!

Day 1: Sexy By Summer Workout (Beginner Level Fit Test): (50/10)
Squats: 28, 28, 26
Push-Ups (on my knees): 20, 21, 16
Tricep Dips (w/ legs bent, hands on bed): 13, 20, 16
Abs: 27, 30, 30
Day 1: Bodyrock Flow Workout (Flexibility Test):
Downward Dog: My heels were slightly off the ground. I can get them to the ground with some aches in the calves.
Pigeon: Right hip supported a little with a sweatshirt. Need to focus on bringing my left hip forward. I can fold down to the ground. The same thing when I switched legs, left hip was supported, needed to bring my right hip forward but I can fold down to the ground.
Dangle: 2 minutes complete with palms completely on the floor.
Back Bend: Approximately 35 degrees back.
Day 2: Seriously Hot Bodyrock Flow
Awkward Pose: A 3-Part Bikram Yoga Pose
So this was kinda awesome. The kind of yoga I’ve always wanted to try.  My hardest part of this 3-part pose was just plan old balance.  Staying high up on my toes while sitting “back into a chair”. Ouch by awesome.  Can’t wait to do more of this.
Day 3: Sexy Booty Curves Weighted Interval Workout (BodyRock Burn Workout) (50/10)–-hit-your-climax-–-bodyrock-burn-sculpt/
TouchDowns: 24, 18, 18
Spider Push-ups (on knees): 8, 10, 11
Tuck Abs (sitting on “sits bones” with hands on ground behind back): 11, 12, 13
Hanging Knees Raises (hanging off of my door jam, feet on floor, raising one leg at a time): 18, 18, 10 (My hands and fingers were beyond sweaty by the 3rd round, so my grip on the door-jam was pretty much non-existent.)
Day 3: Busting It Out (BodyRock Sculpt Workout) (50/10):
(I only have one 10lb kettlebell so I had to break up the exercises into two parts)
Bicep Curl & Press: (R arm) 16 (L arm) 17
Shoulder Press: (R) 23 (L) 23
Squats: 16 (I was tired after the first workout)
Triceps: 20
Round The World: Couldn’t do with only 1 weight.
Upright Row: (R) 22 (L) 22
Bent Over Row: (R) 24 (L) 23
Abs: 11

So that’s my first three days of a new me.


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