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Today, the SS world might have gained a spokeswoman.

If you haven’t heard, Venus Williams, tennis star extraordinaire was recently diagnosed with Sjogren’s.  While I’m certainly sad to hear about her diagnosis, it could very well bring attention to a disease that is not well-known and is still not fully understood.  At least that’s what my mother is hoping will happen.  Who knows, maybe Venus will be the Michael J. Fox of Sjogren’s.

I’m just happy to know that someone else with this disease struggles with joint pain and fatigue as their major symptoms. As far as I know I do not suffer from the “classic” symptoms, dry eyes and dry mouth.  In all the articles I read, Venus didn’t mention that she had these either. It is possible she does suffer from those symptoms but she just mainly mentions the fatigue and joint pain.

Good luck on managing your symptoms Ms. Williams.  It can be a constant battle but it’s certainly not hopeless.  I look forward to seeing your return to the tennis court and heck maybe I’ll even watch it on TV!


Update soon on recent and current symptoms and my most recent check in with my doc.


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